Dumb at OSU

Abdul Razak was a student an OSU.  On Monday, he took it upon himself to ram a group of people with a car, then start stabbing them with a kitchen knife.  For his efforts, we wounded 11 OSU students and faculty, and before he was shot by Ohio State  Police.

Razak made his motivations crystal clear.

The Ohio State University student who carried out a knife attack on campus Monday said in a Facebook post he was “sick and tired” of seeing fellow Muslims “killed and tortured,” according to federal law enforcement officials.  In a Facebook post shortly before the Monday morning rampage, the Somali immigrant urged America “to stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim Ummah,” a term for Muslim people at large.  “By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims. You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday.”

ISIS has been using social media to urge Muslims to attack the west with cars and knives.  The main focus by ISIS has been on Muslim migrants in Europe.  Cars and knives are easily obtainable and quite effective weapons, as the 89 people killed in Nice, France demonstrated.

ISIS “appears to have a preference for attacking soft targets as a means to instil maximum fear in the general public”, the report added.

ISIS didn’t invent this style of terrorist attack.  It was the Palestinians who first used the “ram a group of people with a car and then stab the wounded” technique against Israelis.  It started in 2015 and has continues to this day.  There is even a name for this, the Knife Intifada.

The impetus for this style of attack is obvious.  Israel had been very effective in shutting down the tunnels and smuggling routes that allowed Palestinians to bring in guns and explosives from Syria and Lebanon.  The rate of “traditional” terrorist attacks, like suicide bombings of buses and markets has dropped dramatically.  The Palestinians needed a way to kill Israelis that didn’t attract the attention of Israeli counter terrorism units.  Cars and knives was it.  Any Palestinian with a driver’s licence or a set of steak knives could be a potential terrorist.  Israeli couldn’t stop everybody.

Spreading this tactic into Europe was easy.  Guns and explosives are even harder to get in Europe so cars and knives are easily obtained improvised weapons.  Israeli has been warning Europe about this for a while.

Now it has spread to the US.  Even where guns are easier to get than Europe, it is an attractive style of attack because it makes it possible for radicals on student visas or who are not legal alien residents (green card holders) to get weapons – you have to be a citizen or legal alien resident to pass a 4473.

Besides, there hasn’t been on liberal who has chanted “no fly, no buy” that has thought about banning people on the no fly list from buying cars or kitchen utensils.

The threat of more and more car and knife attacks in the US is a real concern.  Especially as ISIS claimed responsibility for the OSU attack, it can motivate other borderline Muslims to become famous martyrs.

So how did OSU respond, and why did Moms Demand Action spread the message?  Because of this idiocy.


He didn’t have a gun.  Never mind the potential for more of this type of attack.  Never mind that Razak was not the first Muslim from Columbus, Ohio, or even the first OSU student to join the ranks of ISIS.  He didn’t use a gun, so nothing to see here.

This attitude is apparently shared by a lot of MDA followers.


So how did Israel deal with these types of attacks?  Israelis went out and bought gun stores empty of handguns and started carrying them.  Some Palestinian runs into a bus stop, hops out and starts stabbing people, and some Israeli with a handgun ends that attack in a matter of seconds.

Of course, that’s not an option.  Ohio doesn’t have campus carry.

Instead, we’re just going to have to be thankful that this ISIS fighter didn’t have a gun – even though ISIS never told him to go get one.

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  1. I wonder if the good doctor realizes that mistakes by his peers (i.e. medical malpractice) kills 6-10 times as many Americans every year as “gun violence”. And that’s if you include suicides.

    Kinda ironic, don’t you think?


  2. Funny how these gun control fools miss the fact that he committed a bunch of felonys,hurt a bunch of people and DIDNT need a gun to do it. And two of the things they hate stopped him- a gun and a cop.remember, just because Trump win doesnt mean these morons are going away…



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