Did Sandy Hook Promise plagiarize somebody else’s film?

That is the claim that a young filmmaker is claiming. Albert Gonzalez made a movie titled “The Desk” which he posted in YouTube on march of 2011.

Sandy Hook Promise’s “PSA” titled “Evan” is dated just this last December 2 of 2016

Mr. Gonzalez went to do a still comparison of several shots between his film and the one from Sandy Hook Promise and boy, they are too damned close not to be identical in my opinion which is to say that Sandy Hook promise pretty much stole the idea from Mr. Gonzalez.

If you don’t remember, Sandy Hook Promise is the brainchild of  Mark Kelly (who already have a less than stellar history of honesty) and let us not forget his wife Gabby Giffords who did not mind get her hands dirty with an Evil Black Rifle when it got her votes.

I tried to get some info on the SHP finances, but I can’t find anything clear other than they got millions but not in what or how much has been used. I would not be surprised if we end up finding they spent a sizable portion of the donations in “consulting fees” to a few connected companies owned by friends.

Anyway, make sure you spread the word and let the chips fall where they may. Share with your friends.


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