Orlando Sentinel practices recycling

Here we go again.

The first gun bill filed for next session was House Bill 6001, by Lithia Republican Jake Raburn, who wants to let concealed-weapon permit holders carry loaded guns in airport terminals. Here’s the rationale from bill supporters: If a terrorist opens fire, people with concealed weapons could protect themselves and others.

But if bullets start to fly, these same folks could add to the bloodshed if they fire back and hit innocent bystanders, or if law-enforcement officers don’t know which person with a gun is the bad guy.

Florida pro-gun push ill-timed, ill-advised after Pulse: Where We Stand – Orlando Sentinel

We’ve been hearing the same excuse in Florida for over 25 years now and still the massacre and LEO confusion has not happened. But I do love that they bring the Pulse Shooting, a Gun Free Zone, as bloody shirt to fight a bill that gets rid of more Gun Free Zones.

And once again, the editors show their amazing capacity for creative writing (lying?) with the following load of manure:

Last year, key legislators showed real backbone in standing up to the National Rifle Association, one of the most politically powerful lobbies in Tallahassee Three highly publicized bills backed by the NRA — one to let people carry concealed weapons on university campuses, one to let gun owners openly carry their weapons most places and one to make it easier to use a Stand Your Ground Defense — were defeated.

But Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, a Miami Republican who wouldn’t take up the campus- and open-carry bills as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, lost his re-election bid in November. His successor as chairman, Sarasota Republican Greg Steube, is an avid gun-rights legislator.

The bills had great support in both chambers, but it was only the ministration of Bloomberg-bought Diaz De La Portilla who refused to allow the bills to go to the floor and eventually cost him the seat. I cannot imagine how pissed he has to be with all that money “invested” around the super condos in his old district going somewhere else.

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  1. Of course, the “blood running through the streets” (or, rather, concourse) hasn’t happened at any airports in Georgia since the “guns everywhere” bill passed a couple of years ago. Funny how that’s ignored, huh?


  2. I want to know why in a Republican controlled Senate one of the key chairmanships is given to an anti-gun Dem by the Incoming Republican Senate President. Does our Republican Senate leadership not understand partisan politics and what party majority means?

    The Slantinal editorial staff also seems to think that only THEIR agenda is worth considering in the legislature that we the people elected.


  3. The Orlando Slantinel is a joke when it comes to their so called “journalism.” Have been for the past 20 years, and still are.

    Nothing new to see here. Move along.


  4. Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portillo was a fairly senior Republican Senator in good standing with the party. He was not Pro Second Amendment.


    Actions speak louder than words. Big picture: a brand new anti-gun junior state senator from the minority party is much less effective than a senior anti-gun senator in the majority party. This is a win for Second Amendment supporters. Hopefully it is an object lesson for our opponents in both parties too.



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