Miss Sloane not doing too good. (Update)

Full release was this weekend and collecting only 2 million dollars must have been a brutal disappointment for the producers of the movie. Although the budget says they spent only $18 million dollars on the film, you can probably add another $8 to $10 in advertising and promotion. And if the volley of TV & Cable commercials I saw is any indicator, the estimate might be short. (Note: Not included all the word of mouth given by TV shows and other media for free)

In contrast, Act of Valor with a budget of $12 million, grossed $24,476,632 on opening weekend and a total of  $70,011,073 by June 2. Even though they did not spend as much as Miss Sloane in advertising, if you were to say that the bill was the same as the film’s budget, it means they covered all costs and were in the black on opening weekend. Miss Sloane did not manage to cover but 10% of the film’s budget. And this being the holiday season, the big bucks now will go to blockbusters and Kid’s movies. No way in hell Miss Sloane will compete against Assassin’s Creed, Sing, Collateral Beauty and Star Wars Rogue One.

At the end of the day, Miss Sloane joins a pitiful lineage of Gun Control movies that have crashed and burned at the box office. When people go to the movies (and even people in Fly Over country go to movies) it is to escape from the routine and have a good time, not to be chastised and indoctrinated by Hollywood.

Update:  How bad was the opening?

That means Miss Sloane earned less money per theater than Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Shaun the Sheep Movie, Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace, and Gigli.

Source: ‘Miss Sloane’ Has One of the Worst Opening Weekends Ever

Here is a link to the list of BoxOfficeMojo. It stands at #75 of all times.

Thanks to Bill M. for this hat tip.

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  1. Hey, Shaun the Sheep Movie was awesome. Cute and entertaining.

    Delighted that Miss Sloane is three day old road kill. Just like Katie Couric, these unAmerican liars should be punished.



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