Help a Gunnie rebuild his and his family’s life


Patricia is the widow of life-time Colville resident Harvey Johanson, a mother, and previously owned an elderly care facility. David is a loving husband and father of three who recently moved back to Washington to be with his family. When they escaped in just a robe , pajama pants, and a pair of sandals, they lost not only their son and brother, granddaugher and niece, but their house, RV, pets, clothes, and everything they own. They are currently under emergency short term care of the Red Cross but will ne

Source: Help Colville Fire Survivors by De Anna Carter – GoFundMe
The David mentioned in the text above is David Lawson who was one of the plaintiffs in the McDonald v. Chicago case. Deaths in the family and the lost of the home is possibly the worst thing that could happen so close to Christmas.

Please give what you can.

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