Progressives: They are so cute when they play Revolutionaries.

I’d assemble armed resistance brigades in and around states that voted for Trump. I’d make sure the participants are well-trained in urban combat. I’d do drills. I’d ensure that secure communications have been established to enable inter-state coordination. I’d impart to participants that they should be prepared to face severe state punishment for their rebellious acts— perhaps even death.

The plan would be as such. The brigades would position at Republican state capitals (Harrisburg PA, Lansing MI, Raleigh NC, etc.) where the Electoral College is due to meet on December 19. I’d make sure every Elector expected to vote for Trump is identified. The night of December 18, the brigades would forge a blockade at the various state capitol buildings. Electors identified as Republican and/or Trump supporters would be physically prevented from entering, if necessary by lethal force.

How To Violently Prevent Trump From Taking Power – Michael Tracey

I saw this floating in Facebook and I had a great laugh. This was written on the 10th of November so according to him, the same people who cannot find the local Whole Foods without an app and a Federal grant, will go out, buy guns, train on its usage, designate brigades (plus feed them, house them, transport them, etc) while they have to create their own intelligence and surveillance service to find out who and where are the Electors, tail them, have people who will go to the State Capitals, gather intelligence and come up with the plans to attack & take them over plus contain the counter attack by the local police & state forces… and is not including if the local populace decides to join in the fun and do some shooting of their own.

Now, if by an amazing divine intervention the assassinations were to occur and the Electors were not to meet, the Congress would have to vote, a Congress which is held by the Republicans who by now have probably checked polls and figured out that their voters might be slightly pissed off and would take it very personally if Trump is not sworn in on January 20th, 2017. Shit, by that time, all Democrats would join his Republican colleagues in making sure Trump gets to reside inside the White House for the next four years. Even Bernie Sanders would be voting for Trump lest he ends as part of the great ocean-view BBQ inside his newly bought dacha.

 But Mr. Tracey adds a disclaimer/not disclaimer:

Again: I don’t support the enactment of this plan. In fact, I vigorously oppose it. However, if I took the extreme view of Trump that so many in our media class do, I’d see it as morally obligatory.

But what do you expect from somebody who writes for the NY Daily News?

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  1. The classic rebuttal I’m hearing is “Well some progressives have guns (and/or military training), they just don’t brag about it like conservatives do…”

    I’ve run into a lot of gun owners, both the kind that enjoy posting about their interest on social channels, and the kind that do not. For the most part, people with military experience and firearms tend to lean conservative, and they probably voted for Trump, or Johnson, who proved to be a crowd favorite with the armed forces.

    As a balance, I do know a few people who identify as progressive who own firearms, and have some military experience. Typically, they own a firearm from an inheritance, and if they served, it was in a peacetime or administrative role. Though I’m sure there’s a few combat-hardened progressives out there.

    Regardless, the amount of progressives who own guns and know how to effectively use them is rather small. Even if you got a statistically significant “Army of Progress” spooled up between November 9th and December 19th (remember, they thought HRC was gonna win…no need to pre-plan an army…) – the troops would by and large be haphazardly trained at best and not ready to face even the token resistance that law enforcement in the state capitals would provide.

    As a conservative gun owner, I would have major compunctions about firing on a person who is just carrying out their duty (even if I disagreed with it) and was doing me no harm.

    I can only imagine the pants-wetting that would ensue if a progressive with a rifle was told to assassinate an elector who was pledged to Trump.

    Desertions, AWOLs, fraggings maybe. The Army of Progress would disintegrate in an hour.


    1. Well, it’s always possible he’s one of those “Call of Duty” weapons/combat experts, who’s spent hours with his ass in the thick of it, drinking cans of Red Bull and shouting racial obscenities with teenagers.


  2. I like the part about “secure communications”. That probably means installing WhatsApp on people’s phones or something. Never mind that just relatively simple social networking analysis and traffic analysis will be able to identify every single conspirator.

    The irony is that old-fashioned radio with manual encryption is more secure than even the best phone-based communications system. Radios don’t beacon their location like cell phones do when not in actual use. Paper and pencil encryption methods can be as secure, and even more secure, than the best computer-based encryption. Manually created one-time pads using 10-sided dice and a typewriter are the best. Game Science dice are the “most fair” in my experience. The process to create them is tedious and time consuming, but then, so is prison.

    Of course you can’t tell who a person is talking to if that person doesn’t talk back (ie., you’re transmitting “in the blind”) without being able to read the messages

    Yes, you can be DF’ed, but the assets available to do that on HF are rare, and if you use NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave), pretty much the only way you can be located is by airborne radio direction finding (ARDF), which means there has to be an aircraft capable of doing that within a few dozen miles at most of your location.

    But you didn’t hear any of that stuff from me 🙂



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