$ Today is Big Fundraising Day $

Four years after Sandy Hook and the Gun Control groups are already parading children’s corpses and red shirts demanding “common sense” solutions  (That strangely would have not stopped the massacre) while asking you for more money.


One Reply to “$ Today is Big Fundraising Day $”

  1. Thanks for the reminder.

    I popped over to the NRA and donated a few bucks to their NRA-ILA and NRA-PVF initiatives.

    Also decided to renew my membership in the 2nd Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America as well.

    Two can play at that game…

    Gotta be careful though, too easy for the anti gun folks to decide this makes me a heartless bastard. But, as you mention, none of their “common sense” ideas would have changed anything, so I am just using the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting as a reminder that common sense is not too common, and people need to fight for real common sense.



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