CSGV: Between Conspiracy Theories and celebrating assassinations.

Well, the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence officially lost it with the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey. First, why the hell is CSGV posting about an incident half-way around the world? But the comments are just amazing, have a gander in the usual collage.

Of course we have to trust them when they say they have the best intentions for us and the Country.

3 Replies to “CSGV: Between Conspiracy Theories and celebrating assassinations.”

  1. The guy who posted twice that he didn’t see a camera at that location in the video clearly doesn’t understand field of view, and of course the folks who are complaining of the lack of blood are pretty clueless.

    If this were a staged event, I’m certain the Russians/CIA/Illuminati/aliens/whatever they think did it would have made it more dramatic.



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