How low can you go: Michael Bloomberg’s Moral Limbo Dance.

We knew Gun Control Hierarchy is composed of some really manipulative jackasses with the morals of cheap hookers during Caligula’s empire. But this has to represent a new subterranean low.

You know Everytown’s School Shooting interactive database. I have pointed out the “mistakes” (LIES) I have encountered and just recently, Bob Owens did a great job shredding the monumental amount of BS he found. So he rightfully lost it when he found this particular “school shooting” in Everytown’s list.

Sounds familiar somehow? Read below and find out why.

You, being sane and sober and not disgusting, agenda-driven sociopaths, would instead lament the Dallas police shootings of July 7, 2016, where five police officers were murdered, nine others were injured, and two bystanders were wounded by an angry black nationalist domestic terrorist after a peaceful Black Lives Matter Protest.

Source: Everytown Claims Deadly Attack On Dallas Police Was “School Shooting”

How much of a fucking human scum do you have to be to try to sneak such a dark incident as a “school shooting” in order to prop the numbers of your fake database? Even the rats that live in the sewers of New York City would gag at such putrefaction.

Bob’s rant is worth the read, but please do not break personal stuff while at it. Just save the rage for later as fuel to exact out righteous revenge by spreading Gun culture farther and farther across all lands, including Bloomberg’s NYC.

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