This is what useless looks like.

One of my top security peeves: Armored Truck. Two idiots went after a Garda Truck and one of them obtained enough points to assume local room temperature.  And what would you know? It happened in beautiful South Florida just last Tuesday.

But of course what we have is people with smartphones not contributing to get shit fixed, namely assisting the wounded guard. And as my smart wife said: “The don’t have what’s needed nor they know what to do but finger the damned phone.”

So, if you still don’t have your Individual First Aid Kit, get one already made or prep your own. Make the kit and the training your New Year’s Resolution.

And unless you are calling 911, put the effing smartphone down.

One Reply to “This is what useless looks like.”

  1. Ten, twenty years ago, there would have been so many people crowding in to assist that at least one person would have had to take up guard duty telling people to stand back and let the people assisting work in peace.

    Now, there are so many people standing around filming it on their phones that someone needs to stand guard and make way for the first responders while the person in distress remains unaided in distress.

    What are people teaching their kids these days? Apparently, help thy neighbor must mean film his predicament.



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