Carrie Fisher was next: Expanding on the Abe Vigoda as Keeper of the Death Gate.

Now Carrie Fisher has gone over too. This is more hard evidence that Abe Vigoda was some sort of Gate Keeper of Death and that is passing has accelerated celebrities’ deaths all over. Some are making jokes that Keith Richards is still alive after his hard-lived life. I laughed with them and then a scary thought hit me like a five-pound sledgehammer: What is there is another Grim Reaper Safety Valve out there, what if there is another Gate Keeper of Death? All science points out that not only Keith but most of the Rolling Stones should have been dead long ago. How come they are alive? Who is protecting them? And it came to me in a flash:

Yes, Betty White may very well be the other Gate Keeper of Death. Nobody has an unkind word about her and she is cruising through life as if magical spells surround her. I have no doubt she is the Other One.

I can’t imagine what will happen to the Entertainment and Music Business if she dies.


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