Typing Monkeys: Math is so hard for Gun Control.

If you feel like it’s been happening every other day, you’re not far off target. As we approach year’s end, the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive, which tracks shootings, has logged more than 340 mass-shooting incidents in 2016 – that’s nearly one per calendar day — with a total so far of more than 400 people killed and nearly 1,400 wounded, not unlike last year’s figures. Some are domestic disputes, some workplace anger, some targeted attacks, some related to mental illness, some just plain fights that got out of hand.

Source: Mass shootings in America — a sad trend continues – The Mercury News

Wait one second, there is something not computing here with those numbers of victims given. According to the Gun Violence Archive‘s own site:

But going by the method espoused by Gun Violence Archive and Ms. Angela Hill, author of the article for The Mercury News, of only counting those events with more than four dead. we have an issue: 340 mass shooting times 4 victims equals 1,360 corpses, right? But the article claims only 400 people killed. To accept that number of 400 hundred dead in 340 “mass shooting” we would have to lower the definition of people killed during the attack from 4 to 1.17.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

And one more thing: the FBI does not have a definition, derived or otherwise of Mass Shooter.  There is an agreed term by Federal agencies for active shooter:

Glad I could clear that up for those who did not know it.

Anyway, you have to be really dumb/distracted when you cannot get the math right even when you get to move the goalposts and come up with your own definitions.

Hat tip to Mark S.

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  1. Looks like they’re using the “or” in and/or to isolate “shot” so they can count injured. Additionally using the “nearby”, intended to account for multiple_shooter attacks, to group unrelated events. If we remove Chicago’s stats, how do their numbers look then? When people read mass shooting they think Sandy Hook or Charleston….Not a black on black drive-by of a pickup game in Chicago where the targets are missed but a family picnicing nearby is killed. A tragedy yes, but not the gun violence they’re channelling to get more laws passed.


  2. Ummmmm, the definition says 4 or more shot and/or killed, and the quote said 400 killed and 1400 wounded….

    That would be the total to 1800 either killed or wounded, divided by 360 “events” equals 5 per “event”.



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