Bloomberg’s Colossal Nevada Collapse.

Shannon and her Girls were jumping up and down about the Nevada initiative for Universal Background Checks:

But it seems that they thought they were playing a One Arm bandit when in fact they were playing craps and suddenly went Snake Eyes.

CARSON CITY — A new law requiring background checks for private party gun sales in Nevada is unenforceable because it prohibits the state from running those checks through its databases, and the FBI said it will not conduct them, the attorney general’s office said in an opinion issued Wednesday…

…But unlike retail sales, the initiative states that dealers conducting background checks for private party transfers must contact the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System “and not the Central Repository,” which is operated by the state, to determine whether the buyer is eligible to purchase or possess firearms under state and federal law.

“The Background Check Act mandates that the FBI conduct all background checks for personal transfers,” Monica Moazez, spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office, said in a statement. “The FBI, on Dec. 14, informed the Department of Public Safety that it will not conduct these background check

Source: Nevada AG’s office says new gun background check law ‘cannot commence’ | Las Vegas Review-Journal

That burns deep and white. According to Bob Owens over at Bearing Arms, Bloomberg spent some $20 million to get this initiative voted in and now it turned into desert sand. So where do private citizens stand on private sales? Here is the Nevada’s Attorney General’s letter:

So, Bloomberg spent not only money but political and P.R. capital to get the initiative approved and then voted on, only to (by your own hand) collapse into a heap of lizard dung in front of you.  IANAL but I don’t see another initiative being brought forward. Maybe a fix through the Legislature since the Assembly is firmly in the hands of the Democrats but the Senate is just a one vote majority with an independent and a vacant seats making the difference. The Governor is Republican, but I don’t know of his record and intentions about Gun Rights.

Anyway, what should have been a great win for the Gun Control Crowd, turned out to be not only a loss but an embarrassing one.

I love getting gifts even after Christmas.

Hat Tip Jeff A.

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    1. It may be possible for the upcoming legislative session to try to amend the current NRS 202.254 to change from ” Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History” to include “or FBI NICS” to try to save their bacon on this piece of crap. That wouldn’t be altering the initiative just amending current NRS. They are a sneaky bunch.



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