Point of view

It is said that the best way to understand a person’s point of view is to walk a mile in their shoes.  The idea being that it is easier to understand somebody if you are sympathetic to their situation.


I can understand why the Washington Post is so in favor for gun control.

One of its best and brightest reporters, David Farenthold, got hold of a toy gun and violated every rule in the book with it.

When I came home from my last TV hit, the kids, ages 4 and 5 months, were asleep. The house was quiet. I was still full of caffeine and do-gooder energy and decided to tidy up.

Among the clutter on the coffee table, I found my 4-year-old’s Party Popper, a bright yellow gun that fired confetti. For some reason, I held the gun up to my eye and looked down the barrel, the way Yosemite Sam always does.

It looked unloaded.

Then, for some reason, I pulled the trigger.

When I got to the ER, I had a swollen face, metal-foil confetti in my hair and a faint odor of gun smoke. Finally, the doctor could see me.

“I shot myself in the eye with a glitter gun,” I said. I showed him the Party Popper, which I had brought with me, in case he wanted to send it off to the National Institute of Morons for further study.

I got home from the hospital with a scratched cornea and a tube of eye ointment. The next day, with some of my dignity permanently lost, I got started on a bigger story.

Well if one of their star reporters and deep thinkers is this careless with a toy gun, how must the rest of us knuckle draggers who didn’t graduate from Harvard act when it comes to real guns.

If my world view was “just holding a gun will turn an elite from America’s premier Ivy League school into a freaking, self destructive, retard” I might be in favor of gun control too.

Fortunately, I’m not a Ivy League deep thinker from D.C.  I learned from the NRA not to point the end that the bullets come out of at anything I don’t want to destroy.

8 Replies to “Point of view”

  1. Found my wife’s laser pointer the other day, I never had one and felt the need to play with it. Long story short I used it for maybe 20 secs before I had the urge to shine it in my eye, I threw it on the carpet and noped the hell out of there.


  2. For some reason, I held the gun up to my eye and looked down the barrel, the way Yosemite Sam always does.

    And that never works out so well for Yosemite Sam, does it? Has he ever even seen a Yosemite Sam cartoon? Next he’ll claim he purchased that high-quality and infallible piece of equipment from ACME, just like Wile E. Coyote always does.

    This statement just proves that even Looney Tunes logic is so far over his head, he can’t make out the vapor trail.



  3. What gets me is that these guys are so self-absorbed that they will write about themselves being morons without a twinge of shame. “I’m a moron, but I’m still better than you!”

    Blah ….


    1. Not even then…..I grew up watching Looney Tunes, and can’t recall any time when Yosemite Sam pointed his guns at his own face. Plenty of times he shot em into the ground, at Bugs’ feet, in the air, etc, but looked down the barrel? No that I remember.



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