WTF is wrong with people? Pt. 2

Just when you think that political differences have caused people to hit rock bottom, somebody comes along and does something even worse.

The ever tolerant Left is now openly celebrating being mean to people outside their bubble for meanness sake.

A member of the Left and a BLM supporter has gained notoriety and even fame and accolades among his fellow leftists for leaving a stranded motorist stuck in the snow because the other driver had a Trump bumper sticker.

He Tweeted about his lack of human decency with pride, coining the hashtag #CallYoPresident.

Others have bragged about their heroic acts of acting like complete pieces of shit too, using that hashtag.

Acts such as leaving a crippled old man in the street:

Or refusing to help those in states that voted for Trump in case of natural disaster:

One woman in the DC area who put her spare room up on AirBNB for the inauguration is extolling her desire to only allow Trump supporters to stay with her if she can “gouge” them on the price.

Forget incivility, this is just inhumane, and these people wear that with pride.  Shear nastiness is has been elevated to virtue with these people.

This shit needs to stop before it becomes a blood feud.

8 Replies to “WTF is wrong with people? Pt. 2”

    1. I don’t think the #CallYoPresident leftists will start shooting people. I think it will be more passive than that.


      “Ran a kid over with my car cuz there was a #Trump sign in the yard he was playing in front of.”


      “Saw a baby fall in the pool, let it drown cuz dad had a #MAGA hat on.”


  1. Gee, it’s almost as if those leftists view those deplorable people with MAGA hats and stickers as Untermenschen or something. We know where that leads…

    Good luck with that.



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