As California goes…

… so goes the Nation.

At least that was the dictum we all keep hearing. I really do not know if it still stands.

For many years, California was the political pied piper that politicians followed: Vehicle emissions, all kinds of absurd warning labels and for the longest, Gun Control. Whatever idiotic idea California politicos came up with, fellow idiots in other states were soon to try to follow. Unfortunately, the same trend on the side of restoring Gun Rights was nowhere to be found in California or was at best impotent and the Gun Control blitzkrieg has upped its wins till the we are now looking at the state that banned the possession of magazine and feeding devices above 10 rounds and has ordered the immediate registration of rifles with the Bullet Button device because they are too dangerous even though it was the same California politicians that came up with the frigging thing in the first place.

Then something funny happened. Not only California restrictions were not finding their way East as predicted, but the other less-civilized and less-enlightened states were coming up with their own very pro-gun laws. Somewhere along the line Gun Culture decided that California was not the beacon to follow and simply ignored whatever idiocies were coming out of Sacramento. As cruel as it sounds, (although it was not a conscious movement in general) California was and pretty much abandoned it to its own devices while people concentrated in fighting their state’s legislatures.

This does not mean there were (and are) dedicated people fighting for Gun Rights in Cali, but the sad truth is that they did not have the help of their own fellow Californians as they should. I can’t tell you why that happened or how to correct it, but also I don’t think anybody else outside California can fix this mess… if it can be saved at all. I am to the point that I figure the best thing to do is to let State sink into the Gulag is pretty much becoming and ready to support the Calexit. That would mean that Gun Owners would have to move to Freedom-Loving states or become part of the cutest Banana Country in the North American continent.


2 Replies to “As California goes…”

  1. The only thing that will save California’s gun culture at this point is federal judicial rulings from the 9th Circuit (which is a toss-up) and/or SCOTUS. Too many gunnies are either leaving the state, or have no support from non-politically-active gun owners because the “Liberal Gun Club” members are — as the name implies — liberals first, gun owners a distant second.

    Bless them, CA’s 2A activists have all the heart of anyone in the nation, but barring a full-fledged miracle they just don’t have the ground support necessary to win.



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