Sorry, I have to side with the dog.

TAMPA, Fla. -A dog attack sent two people to the hospital in Tampa.According to Tampa Police, a pit bull mix named Scarface bit its owner and two other family members at a home located in the 3400 block of Cord Street on Friday afternoon. Tampa Police said Brenda Guerrero, 52, tried to put a sweater on the dog when it attacked. Her husband, 46-year-old Ismael Guerrero, attempted to pull the dog off his wife when the dog began attacking him.

Source: Dog mauls husband and wife after they tried to dress ‘Scarface’ in a sweater – Story | | Tampa Bay News, Weather, Sports, Things To Do | WFTS-TV

And two reasons why I side with the dog: It is Florida and it is still HOT. My frigging Air Conditioner has only been off one and a half days in the last 2 months, OK? I am sure the owners would not leave Scarface locked inside the car in some mall parking lot, but apparently a sweater in hot and muggy Florida is OK.

Second reason: It is a frigging Ugly Holiday sweater! Even mixed Pit Bulls have standards! You come at me with one of those things, and I’ll tune you up with a baseball bat just on principle.

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  1. Yeah, I’m with the dog. We’ve had one day this winter when the high hasn’t been over 70. He’s already got a fur coat on, he doesn’t need a sweater.



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