Fake News Creation For Gun Control?

This has been making the rounds across the different Gun Control groups eliciting almost orgasmic cries of rage:

At the end of 2015, one of the big news stories summing up the events of the prior year was a piece by the Washington Post. This report highlighted the unbelievable but true fact that for every week in 2015, a toddler was responsible for shooting either themselves or another human being in the US

Source: With 2016 over, a toddler has now shot a person every week in the US for two years straight

But if you go to the article, you will find one small problem: The assertion has no data or study backing it up. The article fails to give the name of the author nor I could find the name of anybody working for Press Union. When you click the About Us, you get:

Who are the highly-respected journalists? Maybe they will let you know one day after they get to hire a couple of them. In the meantime this smells like some hired web designer coming up with shit and stealing content from other sites.

The Whois Search bounces to some anonymous domain name registrar in Indonesia. But the interesting part is the date the name was created & registered:

So the hard-hitting news site, full of highly-respected journalists is about 3 weeks old. Now, if I were a suspicious person, I’d point out that on December 15 but of the year 2012, another fake internet creation against Guns came to light: One Million Moms foe Gun Control and then renamed Moms Demand Action. It is curious that this apparent Fake News operation comes the same date that Shannon Watts gives birth to her new gun control… I mean gun “safety” operation.

So, we have a scandalous Gun Control article designed to raise basic emotions to defend children, but it does not have an author, it does not presents or links to the data to back up the assertions, it is published in a three-week-old website by the unknown editors of a website created four years to the date of Shannon Watts creating her Gun Control group.

Yup, it is just a series of perfectly explainable coincidences.

4 Replies to “Fake News Creation For Gun Control?”

  1. Your right. Found a couple pictures “sourced from facebook”. no real contact info. No history of a “Union Press”. Etc ect ect.


  2. Sorry Miguel, but I think you’re taking the wrong approach to why this is dumb news. In terms of “fakeness”, yeah the Press Union is a new creation that is just recycling leftist talking points (and probably some actual incorrect fake stuff), but the bit about the toddlers has actually been written about by the Washington Post — in fact, the Press Union even says so in the piece that you highlighted! True, a link to the original WaPo piece would have been nice, but my own googling shows that the Post’s reliably anti-gun Chris Ingraham wrote about the toddler shootings multiple times last year.

    Are the WaPo’s findings “fake”? I actually don’t doubt WaPo’s numbers. But what’s “fake” isn’t that a toddler shoots someone on a weekly basis — the “fake” portion comes from a sense of insincere outrage or crisis that we need to address, when in reality 1 child shooting per week is actually quite low when you consider all the guns in this country (and especially if you compare to all the other ways toddlers and kids can get hurt or killed. Poison or drownings, anyone?). That should be the way to retort to this, rather than focusing on the “fakeness” of the Press Union.



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