Bloomberg’s The Trace: This is what desperation looks like.


One of the first gun bills introduced in the new Congress proposes to dramatically alter the way states regulate who can carry concealed firearms within their borders. Under the legislation filed by Congressman Richard Hudson, a North Carolina Republican, gun owners — including those from states no longer mandating training or permits for persons wishing to tote hidden pistols — could be cleared to carry in any public spaces across the country that allow guns.

New Bill Would Force States to Allow Visiting Gun Owners to Pack Heat Without a Permit – The Trace

As much as I would love to see Constitutional carry across the nation, I know this is not going to happen and Bloomberg’s The Trace also know it. But this is just desperation, sheer fear that they are losing so bad they have a “moral” imperative to outright lie.  And we cannot simply dismiss the fact that the NYC elites are crapping in their silk undies at the idea that unwashed citizens would be able to carry in their precious city instead of the selected few approved (or paid very well) by them:

And some cities, like New York, have strict rules about who may obtain a license to carry, with the result that very few people do.

New York authorities, for instance, may be forced to allow a tourist from Mississippi — one of the 10 states that now authorizes permitless carry — to be armed while walking down Broadway, with his Mississippi ID the only permission he needs.

Damned Armed Rednecks walking around the Big Apple just like that? We cannot allow that to happen! Next thing we know, our own residents may start demanding an easier way to get their own permits and next thing, they may start believing they do not need the Powers That Be to keep them safe!

The panic in Gun Control community is real.  Ain’t that beautiful?

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  1. You know, there’s a whole host of words and phrases that appear in articles by anti-gun ‘journalists’ and organizations that I’ve never heard a gun owner actually use- in the field, as it were. “Packing Heat” Is one of them. It might have been cool in the ’20s, but nowadays it just sounds like you’re trying too hard.



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