Florida Legislature: The 2017 Carpetbagger Assault Weapons Ban.

Introduced by democrat Senator Linda Stewart, SB 254:

Gun Safety; Prohibiting the sale or transfer of an assault weapon or large capacity ammunition magazine; prohibiting possession of an assault weapon or large-capacity magazine; requiring certificates of possession for assault weapoity magazine, etcns or large capacity ammunition magazines lawfully possessed before a specified date; providing enhanced criminal penalties for certain offenses when committed with an assault weapon or large capac.

Now, why would I go use that nasty name and title the bill as the Carpetbagger Assault Weapons Ban? Remember, I always say go to the source, the raw data and get the info first hand. So I did and what did I find in the text of the bill?

Seven rounds. That sounds awfully familiar. Oh yes! Bloomberg’s New York SAFE (Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement ) Act and which one of the characteristics was the colossal screw up of demanding 7 round magazines, only to realize first that they forgot to leave cops out of the prohibition? Yup, they had to go back and fix that shit. But then they also realized that some guns, hell most semi auto handguns do not come with 7 round magazines or are or were even produced with a 7 round magazine so they had to choke it up and accept a minimum the 10 round magazines but only loaded to 7. Well although Senator Stewart’s Carpetbagger Assault Weapons Ban Bill does make an exception for LEO and Military, I guess they did the copy/paste from the second version and forgot the part about manufacturers not making semi auto handguns and rifles with less than 10 rounds and that means if approved (fat effing chance of that) they would have to go with the clown show of admitting they screwed up again.

I am still going over the bill, but I found one that is a beauty and also confirms that it is a Bloomberg Bill:

So if I were to hand over one of them evil but empty AK 47 “banana clips” that can hold more than 7 rounds to a minor, I am guilty of violating this stupid law and would have to spend up to 15 years in prison?    I give a 17-year-old what amounts to an empty metal or plastic box with a spring inside and it is a fine of $10,000? I can be caught with 2,000 marijuana plants and 5 kilos of roofies and only get three years in prison as minimum mandatory, but if I go “Hey junior, hold this.” I get double the time?

I’ll delve more on the bill later, but I reckon that is enough to make you laugh. We need to stop electing Carpetbaggers because they bring more of their kind here and make a frigging mess of things.

And no, I don’t think this bill has a chance in hell to pass. Not even gas.



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