Lies from Brady and the Gun Violence Archive: So sweet!

I just love it when you catch them red-handed. I decided to check the incidents over the Gun Violence Center and I did not to look too deep or long:

Do you know what kind of massacre with hundreds of dead bodies happened at 507 Nebraska Av, Houston on January 5?

“Two young males drove a pickup truck into the side of the business, went in, and took assorted rifles and pistols at roughly 4 in the morning,” said Capt. Eddie Martin with the South Houston Police Department.The burglar alarm went off at Marksman Indoor Range at 507 Nebraska St., but the alarm service did not notify police immediately. Officers arrived within seven minutes of the entry, the captain said, but the burglars were already gone.

Source: Thieves steal guns from South Houston shooting range, police say – Houston Chronicle 

Yes, a smash and grab at 4 am when nobody from the store was present. Even the way the incident is described by Gun Violence Archive his hilarious in its creativity and effort to make it look like an actual shooting happened:

Listen, we know they rather pull Jim Brady out of his grave, shoot him and bury him again before they can actually be bothered with telling the truth, but the more they lie, the more ammunition they give us. And something as blatant as this? Pure sweet peaches and cream for out fight.

If their cause is righteous, why lie?

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  1. The bad thing is that the South Houston Police Department building is practically line of sight and short walking distance from that Range.



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