Moms Demand does not explain how a Gun Free Zone failed so bad.

And as we knew they would do:

Here is a satellite view of the Fort Lauderdale Airport:

That is over 2 miles long and a bit over a mile wide… and the biggest Gun Free Zone in Broward County.  While other Airports in the country may allow the carrying of firearms all inside the airport and up the sterile zone, Ft. Lauderdale ain’t one of them.  If you have flown in or out of this airport, you are familiar with all the entrances with at least two units of the Broward Sheriff’s office on each and officer in uniform all over. Officer in plainclothes? Take your pick as you are sure to have both local and Federal.  Full video surveillance, K-9 units, I would even bet sniffers and other type of sensors. in other words, the perfect place where Shannon Watts and her Financial Pimp would assure us that nothing bad would happen to us because all is safe and only the right people have guns.

And it took one person to bring the whole House of Illusions down.

But that won’t stop Moms Demand and the rest of the Vultures from squawking and begging for more money.

Still early, still many details to be nailed down. But if anybody is still not convinced that TSA is a Security Kabuki of the worse quality…

I am going to expand on that detail in another post.

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  1. The media is already digging deep to “do something about it”. There was an article just this morning about this security issue and it turns out that it isn’t so common,

    “This is not the first shooting using weapons in checked baggage. In 1972, three members of the Japanese Red Army terror group retrieved guns and grenades from their bags after landing in Tel Aviv, Israel, and killed 26 people.”

    So they had to go back 45 years to find a similar shooting.


  2. TSA is security theater that perfectly represents the progressive mentality. It costs a lot of money. It transfers tax payer dollars from the the governed to politically well-connected makers of “puffer machines” that didn’t work and body scanners that needed millions of dollars in upgrades to work and still may cause cancer. The employees are poorly trained, unarmed, overly intrusive, undereducated halfwits. It makes some people *feel* safe. It trades liberty for a measure of perceived security and it still has a 95% failure rate.

    Of course, when all that security theater fails, it is because we don’t have enough security theater and we need to try harder and make a bigger, better, more expensive and intrusive attempt to *do something*. F these people all to hell.



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