Moms Demand: Still failing the “Gun Safety” thing.

When you are programmed to spout political responses without actually analyzing what happened, you get to demosntrate how little you are for gun safety and how the idea is more gun control. Here is an example:

PINETOWN, N.C. (WNCT) – A 6-year-old girl was killed Tuesday after her 11-year-old cousin’s new shotgun went off while he was showing it to her, the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office said. Deputies were called out to a residence in Pinetown around 6 p.m. on Tuesday, and first responders said they found 6-year-old Victoria Whitehurst had died of a gunshot wound.The Sheriff’s Office said Victoria was visiting the home of her 11-year-old cousin and a 12-year-old girl, who are not being named.

Source: NC girl, 6, killed as cousin, 11, showed her shotgun he got for Christmas, deputies say | WNCN


Since Shannon and her Girls started to flaunt the “We are a Gun Safety Organization” and immediately got slammed for not having a clue about gun safety, they have resorted to repeat ad nauseam “gun storage” and variations. Still they do not get or do not want to get that mechanical devices are a partial solution and that education makes for the bulk of the safe ownership and usage of firearms.

I can imagine they are trying desperate to come up with an educational program that does not sound like a Power Point instructional by Schummer and Feinstein, or maybe they are not even trying since properly taught gun safety procedures reduce accidents and they cannot raise funds unless bodies hit the ground. Allowing a system like the Eddie Eagle program would be the equivalent of like the Purdue Chicken guy going full vegan.

Gun control in general hates Eddie Eagle (Over 20 years now) and hates anything that teaches safety to kids. They will not even acknowledge that accidental shootings involving kids have dropped and they had nothing to do with it. They will beat around the bush when asked to offer their version of gun safety for kids because they don’t have a response other than ban all the guns!.

I do believe that Moms Demand is in its final year of somewhat relevancy. I feel they will become and redundant appendage of Everytown, specially since Shannon cannot seem to develop the courage to debate anybody on TV. Everytown (and its lawyers) and The Trace will take up more of Bloomberg’s money and we will see more attempts to go through State legislatures and referendums although they cannot be seen as weak if the big changes were to happen at federal level. Anyway, the first six months are gonna be interesting.

And always be and teach safe.

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