Moms Demand Fl: Lies and BS abound.

Senator Steube believes he has a right to carry guns everywhere.

He does and so does any law-abiding Floridian who wishes to carry.


We say the public’s right to safety comes first.

Only in your imagination both are mutually exclusive.


He says that concealed carry holders are safe. We know that some are not.
The Fort Lauderdale Shooter & Jordan Davis’ murderer held concealed carry permits.

So, you managed to get 2 examples  out of a universe of close to 14 million Americans with concealed permits?


Steube thinks “most” shooters are good and that’s enough to justify open carry in elementary schools, grocery stores and college campuses.

“Most” is a understatement. Check the numbers from the Florida Division of Licensing:

In almost 30 years, 3,411,138 licenses had been issued and only 11,587 revoked. That is 0.33% of those who ever had a Florida CWP and committed any crime (violent or otherwise) that required revocation of a license. Out of a an adult population (18 & older) of 12,336,038 Floridians, a full 1.5 million are felons and that comes about 12% of the population. Please compare 0.33% versus 12%, you notice a difference? 

We agree with law enforcement officers who say open carry will make their jobs harder and lead to unintentional shootings.

Except that Law Enforcement in states where Open Carry is now the norm, do not report either a harder job nor they killed anybody accidentally or otherwise while Open Carry. 

PS: We already carry in groceries stores.


We agree with school administrators, teachers, parents and university presidents who say guns don’t belong in schools.

Unfortunately, those who want to kill people in schools without opposition agree with Moms Demand, school administrators, teachers, parents and university presidents. 


SB140 will allow concealed carry holders to open carry in airports, schools, legislative buildings and more.



SB128 will require Florida prosecutors to convict “stand your ground” shooters twice. – He wants that too!

I post the definition because it is fun to catch Moms Demand in lies. Convict twice? That would mean that the defendant had two trials. In fact here is what the bill wants done:

Dear Moms Demand: A hearing is not a trial. Repeat: A hearing is not a trial


Will you help us stop this?
Oh hell no. 

10 Replies to “Moms Demand Fl: Lies and BS abound.”

  1. Miguel, when you say “In almost 30 years, 3,411,138 licenses had been issued and only 11,587 revoked. That is 0.33% of those who ever had a Florida CWP and committed any crime (violent or otherwise) that required revocation of a license,” you are making a great point.

    However, if one looks down only one line in that report, an even greater point can be made with this bit of data — “Firearm Utilized 168.” That means that:

    1) Only 1.45% of those revocations involved firearms.

    2) Only 0.0049% of those who ever had a Florida CWP committed a crime involving firearms that required revocation of a license. In other words, that’s one out of every 20,304 CWP holders who had their CWP revoked due to a crime involving firearms.


    1. I don’t use “Firearm Utilized 168.” because they stopped tracking those in 2011 so we wouldn’t be able to get a good reference stat for it.
      And it is a pity because abut 10% of those revocations were non-violent or were applied under the following:
      Florida Statutes 790.06 (3)
      the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and subsequent written verification, suspend a license or the processing of an application for a license if the licensee or applicant is arrested or formally charged with a crime that would disqualify such person from having a license under this section, until final disposition of the case. The department shall suspend a license or the processing of an application for a license if the licensee or applicant is issued an injunction that restrains the licensee or applicant from committing acts of domestic violence or acts of repeat violence.

      And that gives us the also incomplete number of reinstated permits.


  2. Our mantra must be: You have no right for your fears to forge my chains, nor is there a right for my fears to forge your chains. Fears are feelings not reality.


  3. Miguel, can you or someone confirm that the FLL shooter had a concealed carry permit? I heard that reported early in the coverage, but then I heard that it was just an assumption by the reporters because he had checked his firearm for the flight, and they assumed that checking a firearm required a permit.



    1. Since Alaska doesn’t require permits, they have constitutional carry, I doubt he had one. Even if he had one from another state, he had done nothing previously to warrant denying him one.

      The antis keep wanting to prohibit people who have done nothing to require prohibition. It’s that whole “Minority Report” pre-crime stuff. It just doesn’t exist.


    2. It doesn’t really matter whether the Fort Lauderdale shooter had a concealed carry permit or not — had anyone in his family, the FBI, or local law enforcement acted responsibly and gotten him involuntarily committed, he would have had a much harder time getting a gun.

      Guy walks into an FBI office, claims the CIA is beaming messages into his head to make him kill, and they didn’t bother to take him to a judge for a 48-hour hold and evaluation?



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