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Moms Demand Action leader Shannon Watts wrote a listicle for Teen Vogue: 7 Things You Don’t Know About the NRA Gun Lobby and What You Can Do About It, The NRA may be more influential than you realize.

It is as bad as you think it is.

1. Blocking research to better understand our nation’s gun violence crisis and how to solve it.  No, congress has stopped the CDC and NIH from wasting time and money on studying gun violence as a pathology.  Guns are not germs, they don’t spread disease.  The FBI, DOJ, ATF, and other Federal law enforcement agencies study gun crime as a matter of crime prevention.

2. Making it easy for felons, domestic abusers, and even suspected terrorists to buy guns by continuing to block efforts to close deadly loopholes in our nation’s gun laws.   Even Democrats came out against no fly, no buy, since they realized how dangerous losing your civil liberties by  being put on a secret watch list can be.

3. Stalling efforts to close the “boyfriend loophole.” It’s true that some domestic abusers are prohibited from buying guns, and they can’t pass a federal background check when they try to buy a gun from a licensed dealer. But there’s a big catch: An abuser is only prohibited from buying a gun if currently married to, formerly married to, has a child with, or lives with the victim. To make matters worse, the law also fails to protect against dangerous stalkers.  Domestic violence is a special consideration in the law because the victim cannot easily escape their attacker.  If the victim is married, cohabitating, or shares a child, it is not easy to leave a personal finances, a home, and child behind.  A boyfriend who is not cohabitating and is not a co-parent doesn’t need special consideration, there is nothing tying the victim to the abuser.  If the guy hits you after the second date, you leave him.  Of course, if he hits you after the second date, you know what that is?  Battery, and a felony conviction for that makes him a prohibited person.  Also, if you are being stalked, a restraining order will make him a prohibited person too.  MDA wants you to believe that beating up someone you are dating but not living with is a legal jackpot where you can do it and not get in trouble for it.

4. Pushing a “guns everywhere” agenda to allow guns in K-12 schools and daycares, on college campuses, in bars, and in airports.  No one is forcing guns to be everywhere.  The law is saying that permitted CCW holders shouldn’t have to negotiate a patchwork of gun free zones in their day to day lives.  If you have a CCW, why should an arbitrary line take away your right?  On one side of the street you are in the City of Gainesville, on the other you are on the UF campus.  A student with a CCW should be able to walk on both sides of the street.  Among antis is the idea that I can only describe as hollowed ground, that some places are special and having guns in them is extra wrong.  If I pick up my kid up from daycare and I was safely carrying before I got there and will safely carry after I leave, why is the daycare special?  If my gun stays in my holster, on my person, and nobody but me knows I have it on me what is the risk?  Or is my gun going to leave invisible gun cooties at daycare that will infect the children?

5. Promoting gag orders that restrict doctors and military leaders from discussing gun safety with parents and service members at risk for suicide.  No one in the NRA wants to see soldiers hurt themselves.  The bill blocked was never about just talking to vets about guns and suicide.  It was about allowing the military to confiscate privately owned weapons in off-base housing.  It is true that a gun is used in half of military suicides, but everybody on the Left was focused on the NRA wanting to protect the private property rights of off-base soldiers and not just how bad President Obama was fucking the military with a shoddy VA system that was delaying care for vets with mental health issues for months.

6. Propagating the myth that more guns in more places is the best way to stop gun violence. After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the NRA’s executive vice president infamously said, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” The truth is, data does not support that argument.  Maybe CCW can’t stop every shooter, but the Pulse shooting, San Bernardino, etc, kept happening until somebody with a gun stopped it.  There was no mass shooting in Chicago after an Uber driver took out the potential shooter before he could begin his rampage.

7. Marketing guns to YOU — regardless of whether it’s in your best interests.  Oh god no!  Not a group trying to expand its base, we can’t have that.  Telling women that they might be interested in exploring their civil rights is terrible.  Especially in a magazine that teaches teen girls that they are fat, ugly, and unpopular if they don’t buy the fad diet, makeup, hair products, and clothes that the magazine advertises.

This of course isn’t Teen Vogue’s first attempt at anti gun nonsense for the non-critical thinkers.  Over the years several other bits of Bloomberg agitprop have been posted on their website.

Reasons It’s So Easy to Buy a Gun in the U.S., Our country’s lax firearm laws are literally killing people.

1. The only real restriction is your age.  Because, like voting, it is a Constitutionally protected civil liberty.

2. Unlike a car, you don’t need a license.  You need one in Illinois, it’s called a FOID.  It’s not doing much to curb the Chicago homicide rate.  Besides, do you need a license to go to Church or post your thoughts on the internet?

4. If a background check takes more than three days, you can still buy a weapon.  A right delayed is a right denied.

5. Suspected terrorists can buy weapons, even with a full background check.  Again with this no-fly, no-buy bullshit.

7. Guns are easily available on the internet.  Let me know when I can order a 1911 off Amazon and have it shipped Prime to my house.

5 Things That Are Harder to Get in America Than a Gun, Like a Puppy.

4. An Abortion.  In 38 states, Planned Parenthood requires minors seeking abortions to notify their parents and obtain their permission to end a pregnancy. Abortions can also cost up to $1,500, whereas most guns cost less than $1,000.  A minor can’t buy a gun with a parent’s permission.  Also, as a parent I’d be pissed if my child had an invasive medical procedure without my knowledge.  Lastly, so is the complaint here that guns are too cheap or abortions to expensive?  This last one is a non sequitur for the non-critical thinker.  Also, if you get federal funds for your abortion, I better get federal funds for a new gun.

Gun Violence Research Gets Less Funding Than Any Other Major Cause of Death, This is due to a lack of funding and academic research.  Enough with demanding that anti-gun activists in white lab coats tell me that gun violence is a disease.  Leave gun violence to law enforcement.

These listicles are filled with the worthless half-truths, lies, and distortions that can turn the ignorance of hashtag activists into an angry mob.  This is how you end up with adults that hear NRA and post this crap online.


That’s deep.

The NRA is more powerful than the DNC?  Really?  No, she’s right, she and every other “right thinker” is a victim of the NRA.

Yep, a pro-civil rights organization is identical to an anti-civil rights organization.  Really perceptive.

Buzzfeed politics was so helpful to her cause this election.

Another deep thinker.  I wonder if Time and Newsweek use too many big words for her?

This is vacuous worthless information that makes the reader more ignorant about the issues and therefore more reactionary.  I guess that is why it is aimed at teens.  Get ’em while their immature and dumb and they’ll stay that way forever.  It’s worked so well for the Left Wing special snowflakes so far.


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  1. “Or is my gun going to leave invisible gun cooties at daycare that will infect the children?”

    And their response to that is: “Well, if you won’t let the CDC study the icky, bad, mean old guns, we’ll never know, will we?!!!!1!!”

    “Get ’em while their immature and dumb and they’ll stay that way forever.”

    Probably the most accurate statement ever made anywhere on the internet.


  2. “Among antis is the idea that I can only describe as hollowed ground,”

    …”hallowed,” please

    Seems I am able to edit, but not delete. Sorry, this is (more or less), a duplicate of my previous comment.


  3. The car thing drives me nuts.


    I know multiple 15 year olds without licenses that worked hard and bought their car so they’d have it once they got the license.

    You only need a license to drive it around on public roads.



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