Damn right, Skippy! Proud of it too!

I love how much the “enlightened ones” hate American Exceptionalism. It has to be an awful life to live wishing to be European but having the “misfortune” of being American and not able to get a job in the future European Caliphate. Even ISIS has standards for their slaves.

And if you find her name vaguely familiar, it might be because of this tweet she posted a month ago.

4 Replies to “Damn right, Skippy! Proud of it too!”

  1. Hey Julia, you like Europe so much? Move there.
    I highly recommend Germany or France for clueless lefticles like you. Hope you enjoy wearing a full body veil and being acossed by the “rapefugees.”

    Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. Buh-bye, take care now. 🙂


  2. “…bizarre, messy, and uncivilized…”
    Well, except for the two world wars, the Iron Curtain, all the ethnic cleansing, the pogroms, the Holodomir (no that wasn’t Europe, but it was at the order of a guy the Europhiles admire), the Inquisition, the Wars of Religion, the Holocaust, worshipping of Jerry Lewis…
    Ms. Julia reminds me of Johnette Napolitano (ex-lead singer for Concrete Blonde) who, in an interview, said she wanted to move to Spain because she wanted to live in a country “not founded upon or built around war”. The sheer irony that that level of historical ignorance allows is breathtaking.



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