Sugar coated

I keep seeing trailers for the movie Patriots Day, about the aftermath of the Boston marathon bombing.  It stars (the felon and prohibited person) Mark Wahlberg as a Boston police officer.

I wonder how Hollywood is going to show the uncomfortable truth when police shut down the city of Watertown, drove armored vehicles through its streets, and sent SWAT teams to do Forth Amendment bending (arguably breaking) door-to-door raids on houses, looking for the bombers.

Yeah, I know, the bombers were caught in the end, but that still looks like something that shouldn’t happen without a warrant in the United States.


4 Replies to “Sugar coated”

  1. The police barging into and searching through houses willy-nilly isn’t what finally caught the last bomber.
    A concerned private citizen, who saw something out of place and unusual, then reporting in is what did.
    All the intensive, hardest possible, searching done by those multiple, heavily armed, law enforcement officers and agencies, equipped with the latest, taxpayer paid for, equipment counted for jack$#+ compared to one solid law abiding citizen, using his MK1 eyes and ears.
    The question should be; Did the LE agencies actually learn anything from their inept clusterfart?


  2. Warrantless searches of a disarmed population is basically what will never be addressed or questioned in this movie. I see this propaganda piece as a celebration of the police state that currently exists in New England and should be viewed as an object lesson for those of us in the so called free states. Hopefully they have also mounted some of the Eotechs wrong as was seen in some of the propaganda photos released by the news “organizations”


  3. I was reading an article about one of the big armories in Hollywood. From what I gather, they have to provide actors like Mark Whalberg with “non guns” or “e guns” since he’s not allowed to handle real firearms by law.

    Since the normal prop guns are almost always real firearms that have been converted.

    Also worth noting is the attitudes of some of people who work for the armorer mentioned therein. They support gun control since they know their business won’t be affected.



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