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Moms Demand Action and Everytown complain ceaselessly about the fact the the CDC and NIH have limited Federal funds to research gun violence.  Then they go ahead and post an article from the Economist stating that the AMA (American Medical Association) claims that Stand Your Ground laws increase the homicide rate.

Outside of the Bloomberg echo chamber, this is exactly why the CDC and NIH shouldn’t be doing research on guns.

During this same period, the crime rate in Florida and other SYG states has been decreasing.  How can crime be going down but homicides be going up?  That makes no sense.

Except… not all homicides are murders. As it turns out, most of the increase in homicides are justifiable.  A lot more bad guys are being stopped by CCW permit holders.

Even the notoriously biased Politifact had to admit that the crime rate went down after the implementation of SYG with a “half true.”  Half ture is the highest truth ranking that Politifact will give to a truth that would favor conservatives.

True that the decrease in crime is not only due to SYG.  There are many other factors at play.  But SYG did not increase the crime rate like the antis said it would, so they are going to hang their hat on the fact that it increased the overall number of people shot.

Outside of their bubble, most people won’t shed a tear when some potential rape victim takes out their rapist or some store clerk puts a bullet in a stickup man.  We know that means there is one less rapist or mugger out there that we have to worry about.  Only the antis wring their hands about the fact that some criminal is rendered room temperature by their intended victim.

This is why headlines are: “Stand Your Ground linked to an increase in homicides.”  If there was a tie between SYG and an increase in murders, they’d say so.

This is the kind of important information that law enforcement statistics handles.  Instead, a bunch of antis in white lab coats are only concerned about the number of people shot and killed and not the circumstances surround that number, such as justifiable defensive shootings.  Sorry, but that is relevant information to me.  Having some MD tell me that SYG is bad because more people got shot won’t turn me against guns when the full story from law enforcement  is “more people got shot, but most of them were baddies.”

The article by the AMA is just distorting the facts.   This is why gun violence shouldn’t be studied by the CDC/NIH/AMA/etc.,  it is lying while wearing a lab coat.

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  1. They seem to think that any justifiable homicide is an SYG case now. If they really wanted to show that the increase was related to SYG, they would have to show there was a correlated increase in non-prosecutions for “justifiable homicide” with SYG specifically stated as a factor.



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