It is going to be an interesting week.

I really don’t want to be in the shoes of anybody in the Secret Service’s Trump Detail. I understand that 99.99999% of the idiots mouthing off in social media are just being idiots, but still has to be an amazing amount of pressure on them.

Anyway, I know I am going to have a ball watching the Libs totally losing it this week. By Thursday night, I expect some of them setting themselves on fire or jumping off some tall edifices or maybe going as far as getting a new piercing or tat.

Don’t forget to have your favorite adult beverage at hand and enjoy the moonbattery.

4 Replies to “It is going to be an interesting week.”

    1. BWHAHAHAHA… I didn’t know I had that kind of powers. Next wish… all the anarchist/disrupting/asshole protesters will suddenly acquire lemming behavior and take a massive swim in the Potomac.



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