Musings from a busy news day

I thought I would touch on some stuff that happened in the news today.

Barack Obama is doing his best to engage in a scorched earth policy on his way out of the White House.  First Obama tried to stick it to Israel by having the US abstain from a UN vote condemning Israeli settlements.  This act is of huge symbolic importance, laying the root of the Palestinian conflict on Israel’s building houses and not on Palestinian Jew hatred.

Then Obama started emptying Gitmo and releasing known terrorists back to the Middle East.

Now Obama has commuted the sentence of the Traitor Bradly “Chelsea” Manning.

My sister is a full fledged communist.  She goes to protests and hands out fliers.  She loves Manning, and so do her cohorts.  According to her group and like minded Leftists, America is the most evil, violent, and colonialist nation on earth.  America is just awful, Israel comes in a close second.  All of the rah-rah-rah about freedom and liberty is just a lie to cover up America’s crimes against poor brown people around the world.

When Manning leaked the information that it did, the information pulled the mask of America’s invasion of the Middle East.  It showed that we were just war mongers killing brown people for fun and profit.  That the info got American soldiers killed was just icing on the cake.  To them, Manning is a hero, a fighter for the underdog.

It has become obvious that Obama feels the same way.  He commuted Manning’s sentence and then went on commute the sentence of FALN bomber and domestic terrorist, Oscar Lopez-Rivera.  Keep in mind Lopez-Rivera killed four Americans and wounded more than 60 more to gain Puerto Rican independence from the US and turn it into a socialist nation.  He is a self admitted, unrepentant, anti-American terrorist.

Hate America, kill Americans, Obama will set you free.

Here is where this gets worse.  Like I said, Manning is a hero to the radial, America-hating Left.  I predict that Manning will spend the next few years living a life of luxury and largess being toured around and wined and dined by these people.  They will all pay to bask in the glory of this stunning and brave darling of the Left.

I believe that Manning should have been stood up blindfolded against a wall and shot, then buried in a unmarked grave.

Instead, I’m sure, it is going to live a live of luxury on the anti-American speaking tour with a book deal and everything.

I am NOT inciting someone to do anything bad to Manning, but if I read that it met its end in a violent death by some unknown patriots, I will believe that divine justice has been served.

This part is inspired by a conversation I had a work to day and Miguel’s last post.

I have talked about the Purge movies before.  A core principle of the Far Left/Progressives is to fantasize about killing everybody that isn’t like them.  The Left is also very good at projection.  Combine those two and you get The Purge.  The Left sees Republicans as the party of rich, white men.  So obviously, put rich, white men in charge with unchecked power and they will try to kill all the poor, brown people.

Except the economics of that never made any sense to me.  I don’t want to kill the poor or working class.  Why would I.  We are all tied together in the economy.  I couldn’t do my job without working class hourly employees in manufacturing on the assembly line.  A nation needs people from top to bottom.  Form those who pour concrete and rotate tires up to doctors and bankers and everybody in between.

To put it bluntly, if the rich, white guys killed everybody that wasn’t a rich, white guy; who would assemble the Mercedes and fish for lobster and build the mansions, etc.  It makes no sense.

This is why so many on the Left seem to think that poor and working class people who vote Republican are voting against their best interests.

There is a group of poor that the Republicans look down upon, and that is those who live off of welfare.  Believe me, when I was a grad student, living on my own, making all of $15K per year.  I HATED those motherfuckers who bought Mountain Dew and Doritos with EBT and then got cashback and used the cash for beer and cigarettes.  Even then, I didn’t want to murder them.  I just wanted to cut their welfare and either have them work or starve.

If all you do is hate Republicans and project your worst feelings onto them, The Purge is a brilliant prediction of the Trump presidency.


So I go online and read the rantings of celeb after celeb calling for Revolution or uprising or some violent act to prevent Trump, the hero of the working class, from being sworn in.

They seem to have this idea that a second American revolution will involve the working class overthrowing the rich, white, GOP like they were the Czars during the October Revolution.

Nah…  A second American Revolution will look like a cross between the French Revolution and The Purge.  I guarantee you, among the survivors you won’t find an overrated incestuous child molester, an actress who hasn’t made anything good since the 80’s who uses an awards show to mock Middle America and their love of football, or a working class charlatan documentary producer who is slowly morphing into an elderly lesbian.

They just can’t comprehend that Middle America isn’t listening to them anymore.  They are trapped inside their bubble, still believing that wealth and fame equals credibility.  They say they want a revolution because they think the fact that they were on TV will protect them from the fallout of endlessly criticizing Middle America.  They are mistaken.  It is precisely BECAUSE they kept thrusting their self important opinion on Middle America when it was least wanted they they will be targeted.

Tell me again how I am a racist, sexist, xenophobic bigot because I am worried that I will go broke and lose my house if Hillary Clinton follows through with her promise to shut down the industry I work in…

The liberal elite taking to Twitter trying to sound like Che really need to take a chill pill, sit down, shut the fuck up, and walk away from social media for a while.

If there is something that unites the working class and the Republican rich, it is hatred of the out of touch, Liberal elite, and they will be the first to the gallows.

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  1. A good friend of mine considers himself a ‘Radical Leftist’. He owns a small media company (petite bourgeoisie) and is part of the intelligentsia and petite bourgeoisie. . Ironically, he moved his company out of a ‘progressive’ city because of the high taxes and operating costs. I’ve never bothered trying to explain to him that, should history repeat itself, come the revolution, he will have his company taken from him and be one of the first up against the wall,


  2. And since the election this past November, who have the Left been pushing for a slaughter of?

    All those Republican voters in flyover states. You know, the poor, multicolored, blue-collared laborers who fix their cars and grow their food. They hate those guys!


  3. I would give Manning a better than 50% chance of committing suicide within the first 12 months that he’s out of prison. Closer to 90% once his fame among the progressive cult comes to it’s logical conclusion (18 – 24 months?).

    Second, how long before the bombings of the 1970’s return by the Communist “revolutionaries” (al la Bill Ayers and Weather Underground)?


  4. Manning is indeed a traitor who should have been executed, or at minimum left to rot in prison. I doubt we’ll get much disagreement here on this, unless some troll rolls in for a drive-by.

    I do not understand the conflicting concepts that rich, white men want to kill off poor, brown folks while simultaneously subjugating them to do menial labor. It can’t be both.



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