Sybrina Fulton seeking to remain relevant and profitable.

In a sense it is funny that she requires her dose of limelight and it is sad that she still cannot come to terms with the established facts that her son’s ending was a doing of his own. But there is money to be made and attention to bet obtained.

Janet Mock: How did you handle Hillary Clinton’s loss, and how will your work advance in a Donald Trump presidency?
Sybrina Fulton: We’re still in mourning. What has transpired is a hard pill to swallow. It’s very discouraging because Secretary Clinton was really on board with police reform, community policing, and gun reform.

Source: Trayvon Martin Mother Sybrina Fulton Interview – ‘Rest in Power’ Book Review

Oh sweet Jesus. Mama Fulton is seeking relevance by being a NeverTrumper? The article is chock-full of gems, here are some:

JM: What are some of those solutions?

SF: One of the things that I want to see happen before I rest in peace is, if you take a life, we need to do a background check and a drug and alcohol test at the scene. Trayvon was dead on the ground, and the police department saw fit to do a background check and a drug and alcohol test on him. But there was no background check or drug and alcohol test done on the person who killed him.

Maybe she has been watching way too many TV Police Dramas where they have all those beautiful gadgets that attach to smartphones and even detect cancer in 5 seconds with just a scan of your thumbprint. As for regular background checks, she cannot be that stupid to ignore that not only a background check was performed on Zimmerman on the spot (You know them cute laptops inside the patrol cars? They are not just to pay Tetris and watch Netflix on duty) but a much deeper background check was done once he was taken in custody by Sanford PD. As for toxicology, I have no idea if he was subjected to a test, nor I can find a resource saying that.


The other thing is, there needs to be an independent investigation; it should not be led by the state attorney’s office, which is working side by side with police.

Wait, what? The State Attorney’s office went against Sanford Police and pressed charges against Zimmerman even when the evidence clearly showed he was innocent. But somehow because you did not get the verdict you wanted, they are now in cahoots? And she is a lawyer by trade, ladies and gents, she is not some High School dropout that was never taught about the Branches of Government and how they work.


JM: What was it like to reflect on Trayvon in your book?

SF: It took me back to the day it happened. It always makes you think, Was there something I could have done or said to save my son?

How about paying fucking maternal attention to the weed smoker showing off guns in Facebook and burglarizing shit criminal you had at home rather than shipping his ass to his dad where he gambled about being tough and lost? Just a thought.

MC: Your book comes out on January 31, five days before what would have been Trayvon’s 22nd birthday. How will you commemorate?

SF: We always do a remembrance weekend.

And frankly, nobody gives a shit. Not even the friends he had in High School gave to shits when he died. I guess he was not only not popular but probably he was not liked that much to begin with.

I will give my closing arguments with an animated GIF:

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  1. IIRC, Trayvon wasn’t being raised by Ms. Fulton for most of his life. He was being raised by his Father’s Second Wife, until she caught daddy stepping out. They were both thrown out, and Trayvon went to live with his Mother in Miami for about a year(?). There he was caught with burglar tools and stolen property at school. The reason he was half the state away in Sanford getting killed was that he was suspended from school, and Mama Fulton sent him on a bus to live with Daddy for a while.



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