T minus 24h

I know that despite two months of whining, crying, pissing, and moaning that the overwhelming number of liberals demanding revolution and resistance to Trump’s inauguration are going to puss out and be relegated to emoting online.

There is a tiny, tiny part of me that does wish they would man up and fight in real life like they fantasize about in their echo chambers.

It would be all the excitement of getting to fight commies and terrorists without the burden of having sleep in a foxhole in some third world shithole.

I only wish I had some grenades.

4 Replies to “T minus 24h”

  1. The protests failed. The riots failed. The torching and burning of cities failed. Threatening the lives of electors failed. The recount failed. Saying the Russians hacked the election failed.

    I bet they’ll try impeachment on the same day he gets sworn in. Destroy there credibility some more. My mom is hard to the left. She gets all of her news from MSNBC and nowhere else. She honestly believes that Trump will be thrown out of office on the 21st due to conflicts of interest. She also believes 100% in the “Dossier” that made BuzzFeed lose all of there credibility. These people are deluded. I guess the next step is violent revolution. But they can’t, because almost none of them own guns.

    They psychologically cannot handle what’s going on. And they’re going to destroy themselves and effort to stop Trump. Not only stop trump but the rejection has made them even more shrill and unhinged. Hopefully destroying themselves and a lot of the progress they have made to destroy this country in the past 50 years.



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