HK SP5K: Yes please!

The pistol & semi-auto version of the MP5. It gives me shivers of forbidden pleasure.

And I agree with Lee (The Gun Writer) Williams, they are going to sell thousands of these things. I always wanted an MP5 and if the finances allowed, I would buy this baby and apply for the $200 stamp to go SBR on this sucker.

I gotta buy a lotto ticket once in a while.


3 Replies to “HK SP5K: Yes please!”

  1. The fact that you have to register this just by the mere fact you put a stock on it is unconscionable. I’m hoping when the HPA passes we can get SBRs off of the NFA after that.

    And yes, my comment is mildly hypocritical since I have a few NFA items myself.

    Miguel, you could put a brace on it and save yourself the BS. There’s braces for SP5K. It’s not 100 percent ideal but it gets you most of the way there.

    Don’t shoulder it of course, because that would constitute “intent”.


  2. Brings me back to my high school days of playing Rainbow Six. I loved using the MP5SD (suppressed version) and hearing the slide go click click click click. I really hope the HPA passes. Might not be a bad idea to buy some stock in some suppressor companies cause their business will EXPLODE! Too bad silencerco & the other companies that make only suppressors aren’t public. I think Surefire is public, but not sure how big their suppressor operation is.



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