This is not going to go well with the Gun Control crowd

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The Opposition is gonna throw a major hissy fit on this one. It is OK to laugh at them.  A sitting president who is giving notice to everybody his support for the Second Amendment? SMOD just crashed in Zionsville , Indiana.

2 Replies to “This is not going to go well with the Gun Control crowd”

  1. Donald Trump is running as a publicity stunt. He will never actually file the paperwork.

    Donald Trump will never win the Republican Nomination.

    Donald Trump is a phony candidate that is being used to throw the election to Hillary Clinton. He will drop out and give the election to Hillary and the Democrats.

    Donald Trump will never win the election. Republicans will lose the House and Senate. It will be an electoral rout.

    Donald Trump is just another NYC Gun Controller.


    Maybe He is not a Politician, and he says what he will do and will do what he says?



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