Moms Demand at the Women’s (Free Tampons) March.

Fresh on Sunday Morning was this:

Shannon did her best to insinuate that the march was somehow fully supporting Gun Control the ideas of her New York Pimp Daddy Bloomberg.  But as usual, Moms did not get a great attendance of its alleged “millions” of supporters. If you go to their Facebook page, you will find a photo album where the different local groups posted their pictures and it is rather skimpy assistance-wise. Here is a sample:

The biggest group you see is from Illinois. There are more pictures in the album and as par for Moms, are taken with the idea to confuse numbers by being mixed with the crowd, but it did not work so well. However there was the obligatory picture of Dancing Monkeys For Gun Control:

But if there was a very funny theme flowing during the march: Resistance. And the image chosen to represent such Resistance is not quite the one that Shannon und Vaginal Storm Troopers may have wanted: Princess Leia packing heat.

Hmmm… The image of a woman empowered by the use of weapons. Not quite the Message that Moms Demands spouses, right?

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