Florida Senate: For F*** sake’s, not this s*** again with Open Carry. (UPDATE AND CLARIFICATION)

I have been contacted by a VERY reliable source to let me know that the info about the bill is wrong (“BS” as he kindly put it ūüėÄ )

More info coming on a future post.

And I apologize for not following my own protocol. You’d think this is Monday.

Remember last year when it was just¬†one recalcitrant Republican state senator refusing to let open/campus carry out of committee? Well, now it’s four¬†(possibly five) nominally-Republican state senators in a different committee.Senator Greg Steube(R) – Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and author of the bill.
Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto (R) – Vice ChairSenator Anitere Flores (R) Senator Rene Garcia (R) Senator Debbie Mayfield (R)
These are the problem children this time.

Source: The Abode of McThag: Lucy Is Bound To Let Us Kick The Ball Next Time!

I can understand that the carpetbagger from NY (Benacquisto probably heard the Siren’s Song¬†from Bloomberg and followed Thy Master), would act like that, but Flores, Garcia and Mayfield are locals. ¬†They were more than alive and conscious when Concealed Carry was discusses, passed, became law and became the shinning beacon and starting poin for the rest of the country. They cannot say Floridians have been but the great example of how armed citizens behave with more responsibility than even members of the Legislature.

I agree with something McThag said in his post:

I want them to vote.
¬†I want them on record opposing pro-gun legislation so that they cannot claim, next election, that they’re with us.
¬†Yes to the Hell on this one. No hiding behind the “(R)” to behave like whinny New Yorkers.
But Steube is providing them the cover they need by pulling his bill.
And I just emailed requesting clarification:
I was recently informed that your bill, SB 140 (Openly Carrying a Handgun) was withdrawn by you allegedly because of opposition by Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto, Senator Anitere Flores, Senator Rene Garcia and Senator Debbie Mayfield.
If so, can you explain what is their opposition based on which made such a compelling argument to leave Florida again being in the minority of States which do not have Open Carry?
As a Floridian, I keep finding this rather insulting. It is like somehow we are less trustworthy as citizens, as if we were bloodthirsty animals searching for people to kill, rather than just like the citizens of the other 45 states where Open Carry is the law of the land
I do expect a canned response or at least one that beats around the mulberry bush. I would like to be surprised favorably. Let’s hope balls are found. ¬†Next, I am planning on contacting¬†the other parties and get their own responses on the record.
We need to get this shit under control. Apparently some more electoral massacres will be needed for the lesson to be assimilated.

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  1. I saw that, and since one of the senators he mentioned is mine, I went looking for details. All I can find is that Steube plans to break the bill up into smaller pieces.


    His emphasis appears to be campus carry and airport terminal carry, not open carry for the rest of us. (Not that I have any problem with campus or airport carry).

    If you get personal contact from anyone in the know, you have better contacts than I do, so keep us posted.



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