Here we go again: Stand Your ground is Dangerous and lets criminals go free.

Over four years ago my 17-year-old son, Jordan Davis, was senselessly shot and killed in a dispute over loud music at a Jacksonville gas station. At trial, my son’s killer cited Florida’s “stand your ground” law as a defense for taking the life of my only child. Since that day, I have found myself in the trenches with other gun violence prevention advocates, fighting to change dangerous gun laws that leave many of us vulnerable to gun violence.

Source: A mother’s plea: Fight dangerous ‘stand your ground’ laws | Opinion

So, you would assume by the “opinion” article that the killer invoked Stand Your Ground on a clearly bad shooting and was released, right? You would not dare contradict the grieving mother (Bloody Shirt Waiver) of the victim, right? So we have a Murderer walking free among us!

Hmmm… maybe not after all.

Wait, it did not work? He got sentenced to Life Plus? But I was told SYG was a Get Out Of Jail card! I have been lied to! (end sarcasm)

That has been the Narrative constantly published by what we now know as Fake Media. Pretty much all that the Gun Control groups has said with the complicity of the MSM/FakeNews has been proven false. But what worries me is that if we give up on stopping this idiots, they are not gonna stop just at SYG, but they will try go after basic Self Defense.

They claim that SYG is bad because criminals use it in court, right? Well, guess what? Self Defense is also used by criminals in court, does that mean we should eliminate it? How about Miranda? How about other Constitutional protections?

“Damn it, Miguel. You are exaggerating! Nobody is gonna do that!”

Oh yes they will if given a quarter of a chance. Remember we have spent the last 8 years building up a Legal system where laws are officially applied unequally and according to political whims. That means that a select group will not suffer consequences of any laws they get to impose on the rest of the population. Let me make it more clear: They will not only resuscitate but enhance the Monopoly on Killing  in this country.

Basically, they will get to kill you and walk away without having to pay for your death… just like they claim Stand Your ground does.



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