Rolling Oaks Mall Management takes sides with the armed robbers and not the Armed Citizen.

SAN ANTONIO — The shopper who had a concealed carry license and shot a robbery suspect should not have been carrying a gun inside Rolling Oaks Mall, according to the mall’s policy. KENS 5 obtained a copy of the mall’s conduct policy posted inside the shopping center. The fourth item on the list of prohibited actions stated “carrying or possessing any weapons of any kind.”

Source: Shopper who shot suspect not allowed to carry under mall policy |

Let’s get one thing from the beginning: The Mall did not have the 30.06 signs posted anywhere, just a line in a page posted inside the entrance of the mall. So legally the armed shopped was in the clear. But let us continue because the mall’s management went from dumb to fully fledged stupid.

“The mall’s policy notes that violating any part of it could result in one’s loss of privileges to the shopping center and a violation that could result in criminal prosecution.”

Well, Bohohoo! How will I survive without Cinnabons?


Mall management declined to give additional details about their code of conduct policy.

Maybe because it is stupid and you got caught straddling the fence between posting the Gun Free Zone signs and pissing off Gun Owners with carry permits?


The mall’s general manager, Dustin Christensen, said in a statement that the mall prohibits guns on the property.

“Although we respect the laws of the state and individual rights, we do, however, maintain a separate code of conduct that we visibly post at our entrances that includes the prohibition of any weapons on the property. Our top priority continues to be the safety of our shoppers as we strive to provide the best possible shopping experience for all,” said Christensen

Dustin, baby. in case you did not see it, the effing robbers were packing guns so they kinda ignored your code of conduct which not only prohibits firearms but also armed robbery, which is typified in your code of conduct where it says: “engaging or encouraging any activity that violates local, state or federal law.” * as shown in the photo above. So your sudden indignation against the shopper is full of crap.

By the read of the article, our friend Dustin and his company are more pissed off at the Good Guy with a Gun than the criminal. You now what? The family of the deceased shopper should sue the daylights out to the Mall and the Parent company for failing to provide adequate security. If they seem to acknowledge guns are bad (m’kay) and they don’t want them in their properties not taking some basic precautions like metal detectors at every entry point should have been up and running.

Weasels… weasels everywhere. You have to be a low piece of corporate America when you go against a Law Abiding citizen and don’t even have two words of ire for the criminals that murdered one of your shoppers.

Jason Matthew Prieto, faces a charge of capital murder and two counts of aggravated robbery. He is being held on a $1.7 million bond.
Jason Matthew Prieto, the other armed robber.

PS: The widow of the victim speaks:

“I think he was trying to stand in between to protect me, maybe protect the children. I don’t know, I don’t know what he was thinking. He didn’t say anything and the guy just started shooting him,” said Murphy.

Source: Rolling Oaks Mall shooting widow: ‘The guy just started…



*I am guessing the last two words, the pic is blurry, but I figure it is a safe bet. 



6 Replies to “Rolling Oaks Mall Management takes sides with the armed robbers and not the Armed Citizen.”

  1. “Although we respect the laws of the state and individual rights…”

    LOL, M’kay. This is the same thing we hear from the gun control groups, “we respect the second amendment, but” they don’t want the peons to keep or bear arms in public, or at home.

    All this fool is doing is alienating gun owners, a better approach would have been to publicly thank the gun owner that put a stop to what could have been a much worse tragedy. Maybe the TX gun groups will start a campaign to publicly humiliate Dustin Sean Christensen, Rolling Oaks Mall and the management company Washington Prime Group.


  2. Does the part about not violating local, state and federal law include the Constitution? If so they have a problem but I know they will claim their property right is more important than keeping shoppers alive


  3. It’s foolish people like the management at Rolling Oaks who actually put people’s lives in danger simply by refusing to confront those who would do them harm. Advertising that their mall is open to law-abiding men and women carrying concealed weapons may discourage would be robbers. I don’t think I’ve even heard of a person who is legally allowed to carry a weapon in Texas has even robbed anyone in Texas. Perhaps I’m wrong but I’m sure anti-gun fanatics would pounce on that story. All I have to say is Rolling Oaks has no faith in the common man whom the state has seen fit to trust in carrying openly or concealed. I carry legally and if Rolling Oaks takes the action to restrict me then I will go elsewhere.



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