SJW Thoughts

This paraphrasing brought to you by watching videos of the Women’s March on Saturday.

SJW 1: “The Founding Fathers were racists.  They owned slaves.  Never mind that slavery was normal in the 1780’s.  This makes them hypocrites when they wrote about liberty and freedom in the Constitution.  Their racism makes the Constitution null and void today.”

SJW 2: “Planned Parenthood is a wonderful organization and Margaret Sanger is a hero.  Never mind that she was an advocate of eugenics and abortion for reducing the size of the black race, eugenics was popular in the 1920’s, it doesn’t mean anything.”

Me: *head spinning*

P.S.  my hard drive shattered spectacularly on Sunday.  My blogging will be light and limited until my new computer comes in. 

3 Replies to “SJW Thoughts”

  1. Want to really blow their mind?

    Credible reports state that about 60% of slave owners were…. (GASP! The Horrors!…) black.

    Yep. Blacks owning blacks. Funny how that “we are all human, with equal propensity for greed, avarice, and evil” seems to show up, regardless of the situation.



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