Supressor and hearing protection

The push to remove supressor from the NFA is being done under the name of protecting shooter’s hearing. 

The Washington Post is counter arguing that the sound of a gun shot is a safety feature to warn others of impending death. 

Here’s the thing.  I DON’T CARE.

The prevailing theory on the election of Donald Trump was that Americans were tired of Liberal PC culture.  They elected the most anti PC candidate they could.

We’ll I’m tired of Liberal anti gun culture.  I don’t want supressors because they will reduce the likelihood of hearing damage from hunting.  I want supressors because they are cool and screwing one onto the end of my pistol with a 21 round magazine will make a Liberal cry. 

I want Trump to go full Trump on the NFA just to butthurt Bloomberg, Boxer, Cuomo, and Feinstein.   I want to be able to buy a brand new M16A3 receiver (screw burst, I want full auto), slap a 11.5 in 300 AAC upper to it, and screw a can on the end, and only have to fill out one 4473 for the whole thing. 


Cuz fuck you, this is Trump’s ‘Murica, that’s why.

This is my rebellion.  I want every gun right that every Democrat ever took away from me back, and I want it now. 

It’s not about hearing protection, it’s about grabbing my gun rights back.

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  1. And again, our former President comes to the rescue with another CDC study,

    “The only potentially effective noise control method to reduce students’ or instructors’ noise exposure from gunfire is through the use of noise suppressors that can be attached to the end of the gun barrel. However, some states do not permit civilians to use suppressors on firearms.”


  2. Yeah, well I want the NFA of ’34 and the GCA of ’68 both gone, but if you think they’re screaming now just imagine it ten thousand times worse.

    The gun community isn’t united on dumping everything, whereas we’re more or less in agreement on suppressors.


    1. Short barrel rifles and pistols should follow on the heals of suppressors. Imagine how easy it would be to train a new shooter on a pistol if you started them on a pistol with a stock. Not to mention how the availability of bullpuos makes short barrel rifle regulations obsolete.


      1. I figure the legalization of suppressors will be the impetus that gets Joe and Jan Average of their ass about short barrel stuff. A good portion of them don’t even know about the restriction. they just never think about short guns, and if they do its just not worth the effort to fight. I mean, what is the real benefit to short anyway?

        Right now the restriction is not that onerous for the average owner. Standard length guns are just fine. But add a 4, 6 or even 8 inch suppressor to the end? Well now that 16 or 18 inch minimum barrel length and 26 inch over all length get awkward. They are totally fine with a 26 inch gun, or even a 32 inch gun if you don’t own a bullpup, but pushing over 40 inches might seem a bit too long. They will ask the obvious question of “why can’t I just take the extra length off the barrel?”

        Once that question starts getting asked by most gun owners the NFA barrel length restrictions will fall.


  3. One step at a time folks. One step at a time.

    This year

    Legalize OTC Suppressors.
    National Carry Reciprocity

    Constitutional Carry in more states.
    Stand your Ground in more states
    Replace Antonin Scalia with another Pro-2A Justice
    More 2A Absolutists on all the Courts, Federal and States.

    Next year

    Legalize Short Barrell Rifles
    Constitutional Carry in more states
    More 2A Absolutists on all the Courts, Federal and States.

    Every year

    More 2A Absolutists on all the Courts, Federal and States.


  4. Get the M4A1 for full auto. Current price to the Military is under $700 each.
    Repeal the Hughes Amendment so we can have one (or build our own)
    I am OK with MGs being registered if it will make them happy.
    I am NOT OK with $20,000 and 30+ year old MGs.



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