You get your legal advice from the MSM/FakeNews, you end up making headlines.

Via Bearing Arms we get the tale of Karl Henson:


The incident happened on Riva Ridge Court in northeast Columbia. Henson called in a robbery at about 5 p.m. and stated he had shot at the alleged would-be thief six or seven times…Henson said the man was looking at the phone and then suddenly took off with it and started running toward the duplexes on the cul-de-sac….That’s when Henson said he shot at him and saw the would-be buyer fall to the ground “hard”. He then got back up and continued running.

Now, why would he engage in such moronic attitude? The crime was not one that required the use of Deadly Force and the guy was running away, the crime itself had ended and legally no recourse there either. So, why, why in God’s green earth would this idiot shoot a fleeing man?

Henson told police “the only reason I thought it was OK to shoot at him while he was running away was because of what happened with the new year on the law change.”

Officer Spirit Stevens, who wrote the probable-cause statement, said Henson stated something along the lines of “the old law, you weren’t allowed to shoot somebody when their back was turned to you.”

Henson could be alluding to several new gun laws that are now in effect, including a stand your ground right, meaning people no longer have a duty to retreat from danger before shooting in any place where they have a legal right to be present

This is why we can’t have nice things, as the cliche goes.  You own/carry a gun, the responsibility about learning the law lays 100% with you. Now, if you are too stupid to only go with what you hear/read on the MSM/FakeNews who have neither the interest nor the political inclination to give you an accurate description of the law, you deserve to star in your own spin-off of “Orange is the new Black” and being the bitch of some convict.

Make sure you have enough Vaseline because the butthurt will be real.



2 Replies to “You get your legal advice from the MSM/FakeNews, you end up making headlines.”

  1. Remember that fella that took Joe Biden’s advice and fired his shotgun in the air to scare off intruders, only to later be arrested for negligently firing a gun in the air? Ah, that’s the good stuff.


  2. And like the kid in Florida who was killed over loud music, this will go down as a reason that “Stand Your Ground” is bad. This dipwad will still be in prison but it is the law’s fault. Just wait for it…..



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