The Liberal Anti-Mitosis Club.

That is what I am gonna call the morons that stand in front of a webcam and just repeat “He will not divide us” over and over for what seems hours.  Well, it was either that or “The Scared Amoebas Social Club.”

I did catch some people last night that were not droning on and on but actually talking about what they thought and having conversations about anything and everything. They sounded both a skosh under the influence and basically they were not necessarily happy with either side.

Late last night, actually well into the Wee Dark Thirty hour, two stereotypical New Yorkers, very pro-Trump let the camera know what they were thinking and specially what they thought about the arrest Shia LaBeouf. It went something along these words:

“Hey Shia, you were lucky you didn’t go to central booking or your ass cheeks would have been divided! F*** You!” 


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