Complaint Filed Against Bloomberg’s Attorney for carpetbagging in Montana

The Montana Shooting Sports Association and its President, Gary Marbut, have filed a complaint with the Montana Office of Disciplinary Counsel against an attorney in New York  City for allegedly offering legal advice without being licensed to practice law in Montana.

“Mr. Jonas Oransky, self-identified as counsel for Everytown for Gun Safety, and who I believe to be an attorney residing in New York City, New York, has been providing legal advice for entities and persons in Montana.  I do not find Mr. Oransky listed as licensed to practice law in Montana…

…I believe this and other communications contained in the attached .pdf, and others possibly unknown at this time, constitute providing specific legal advice and legal services in Montana. Not only has Mr. Oransky been offering legal advice in Montana, but according to Attorney General Fox’s recent Opinion, it was bad advice.  If Mr. Oransky is not admitted to the practice of law in Montana, I believe his legal advice would constitute a transgression that falls within the purview of your office.

Source: Complaint Filed Against New York Attorney For Illegally Advising Missoula City Council On Gun Registration Ordinance

A little bit of Google fu and we find:

And we even find him quoted in the NYT as working for Everytown.

But gun control advocates say they want more than just notification. Jonas Oransky, counsel at Everytown for Gun Safety, said the A.T.F. should not expect that arrests and prosecutions would happen “without extra energy behind it by them,” but added, “We’re giving them some time to figure out how best to do this.”


But pry wonder why did he got sent to Montana? Would you be surprised to find out Missoula is in the list of cities that belong to Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns?

It ain’t paranoia if you are being chased.

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