I can smell the smoke

I forgot to update the post yesterday, so just a couple of pictures of the baby back ribs. Total amount was two racks which means I may have two meals out of it… maybe.

Not the best quality pictures, but I was more interested on the mammal flesh rather than being the Oleg Volk of ribs

I did not have apple juice so I mixed white wine and orange juice. That was half a rack after 3 hours in the smoker.

(Burp!) Sorry! They were done in 3 hours and 45 minutes. Baby Racks do cook fast and I was afraid I may have let them dry up a bit. I did not have to worry. Some home-made cole slaw with Hawaiian rolls and we ate like Southern royalty. My petite wife almost polished half a rack herself! (Which means I shall be blamed for any failure to encase herself in a garment)

Such is life, but it gets balanced by delicious pork meat with a smoky flavor.

2 Replies to “I can smell the smoke”

  1. Oh No!! You substituted white wine and orange juice for Apple juice?!? Heresy! Are there any left to confiscate for the good of the people?
    Sounds and looks tasty.



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