And this is how you get people killed.

Oh screw it, this is a future “What-Not-To-Do” post. No other name for it.

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  1. I used to do this exact same training with a bunch of my martial arts friends. Only we used pads, a red suite, and an air-soft gun. Guess who basically never lost? I actually had a long standing offer to the guys I knew; I’ll suite up, and you try and disarm me. Full speed. If you get shot I get X (X negotiated at the time of the bet). You can start in any position you want, but the gun will be pointed at you. I cannot shoot *until you touch me*. I will not use advance retention techniques, just point and shoot. I have never lost the bet.

    I would be quite happy to extend this bet to our fanciful martial artist here, and I am nowhere near the shape I used to be in. I am still confident I will win.



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