Jewish History and Refugees

Democrat Senator Cory Booker sent out a tweet comparing Trump’s restriction on refugees from seven Islamic countries with FDR’s banning of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany before WWII.

This act by FDR is reason number I lost count, why I don’t align myself with the Democrat party.

This comparison has been made by others in the Progressive media.


There were no Jews plating bombs at marathons in Germany in the 1930’s.

There were no Jews shooting up Christmas Parties in Germany in the 1930’s.

There were no Jews running over and stabbing people in German universities in the 1930’s.

There were no Jews shooting up Wehrmacht recruiting offices in the 1930’s.

No Jews were trying to set off bombs in public squares in Berlin in the 1930’s.

No Jews were setting of bombs all over the place in Germany in the 1930’s.

No Jews were stabbing Germans in shopping malls in the 1930’s.

The very concept radical Jewish terrorism doesn’t even exist.

There were no Talumudic No-Go Zones for in Germany, where German police risked their lives going into.  It is true that Jews lived in small, cut off areas, but it wasn’t by choice.  It was by force and they they were called ghettos.

There a concept in Jewish law dina d’malkhuta dina, which means the law of the land is the law.  This encourages Jews to integrate into the nations they live in.  There were not Jewish schools that taught it was a sin for Jews to integrate into German society.

I could do this all day.

There is no parallel between the oppressed Jews of Europe trying to escape Nazi Germany and current economic migrants claiming refugee status.

Letting in all the refugees that want to come to the us would be like letting in Wehrmacht draftees that didn’t want to be sent to the Russian front.

Democrats know deep in their hearts that the treatment of the Jews of the MS St. Louis by FDR, along with FDR’s internment of the Japanese, is one of the most shameful parts of 20th century American History.  (It’s a wonder that Democrats love FDR so much.)

But in typical Democrat style of being absolutely unable to do a single moral thing correctly, they are attacking Trump’s policy of prioritizing the refugee status of religious minorities that are being persecuted and exterminated for their religious beliefs.

The current Progressive platform is “forget the Christians and Yazidi of Iraq and Syria who are being genocided and sold into sex slavery, we have to protect the children of ISIS supporters.”

Take this policy back 80 years and these people would be saying “forget the Roma and Jews, we have to open our doors to protect the Hitler Youth.”

The very comparison of what the Jews and other minorities were experiencing in Nazi Europe and what is going on in the Middle East/Central Asia/North Africa right now is deliberately disingenuous and absolutely anti-Semitic.

History is not on their side.  This is as false a moral equivalent as they can get. The Left needs to shut their stupid Jew hating mouths.


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