Thank God for Trump

In the last couple of days I have read two articles from liberal news outlets how Trump’s election is the end of American democracy.

The first compares Trump’s election to the rise of Chavez in Venezuela.   The other claims the Trump’s America has turned the US into an Arab state.

I am not a populist.  I recognize from history that populism can very quickly turn ugly, becoming governance by appealing to mob rule.  Fortunately, America has a built in barrier against becoming a populist state, it is called the Constitution of the United States of America.  It is a marvelous document, full of negative rights, limiting the power of the government and guaranteeing the rights of the people.

I was not a Trump fan during the election.  I will never forgive him for the way he treated Marco Rubio, who I know, and who is an extraordinarily decent man.

Watching the histrionics carried out by the Left during the final days of the election and beyond, had pushed me in an uncomfortable direction where I am being driven to support Trump just to watch him steam roll the Left.

It is Trump’s steam rolling of the left that should make the Left say “thank God for Trump.”  See, Trump’s ability to exact populist retribution against the Left is tempered by the limitations of the Constitution.

For the eight years of the Obama administration, the half of America in the land between the coasts had an elitist, far Left Progressive agenda rammed down its throat with a pen and a phone.

Your religious beliefs are just homophobia and your are a bigot and have to pay.

All a teenage boy needs to do to be allowed to undress in a locker room in front of a bunch of “mortified” teenage girls is call himself a girl.  If that boy wants to go camping with the Girl Scouts, he can do that too.  If that makes you uncomfortable, that makes you a transphobe and a bigot.

If you want to take a Yoga class at the YMCA, that is cultural appropriation and you are a racist and bigot.

If you think that it is wrong for illegal immigrants who have been convicted of crimes and been deported to come back to the US, be protected by sanctuary cities, and then shoot or kill US citizens in a DUI; you are a racist and a bigot.

If you think it is a bad idea to let poorly vetted people from nations harboring ISIS into the US, which might allow terrorists to sneak into the US under the cover of refugee status; you are an Islamophobe, a racist, and a bigot.

We’re tired of that.

We’re tired of being called “bitter clingers,” “deplorables,” uneducated, ignroant, racists, homophones, xenophobes, bigots,  rednecks, and mouth breathing knuckle-draggers.


Hillary wanted to overturn the The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, to encourage people to sue gun manufactures out of business.

This is just another example of a Progressive trying to destroy an industry that  they don’t like.  Screw the people who work in that $13.5 Billion dollar industry.  Just as Obama’s reduction of coal mining  was going to cost over 125,000 jobs.  These people already lost their health insurance to Obamacare, why would any DC elites care if they lost their jobs too?

We were tired of having our lives managed by bureaucrats who graduated from a handful of elite Ivy Leave colleges.  To enter eight more years of that, with those same bureaucrats feeling they’ve been giving license to micro-manage our lives is not an attractive prospect.

Especially when those people fully admit that that don’t get what life is like outside their bubble.

Michael Moore was right, Trump was the “human Molotov cocktail” that Middle America could throw at the elites.  The elites should be glad that Middle America threw Trump.

See, the alternative wasn’t eight years of Clinton pushing more of the same Left wing Progressive agenda.

The alternative was actual Molotov cocktails.

Maybe I am everything that the antis think I am.  When the culture columnist of the New York Times calls all of America between the coasts  the “dance of the low sloping foreheads” my first thought is does he forget who in America owns the 300 Million guns that the NYT thinks is too many?

Take Middle America.  Have progressive government regulations destroy their livelihoods.  Have a near Trillion Dollar stimulus plan completely skip over their states, and help those only in America’s biggest and bluest cities.  Have what the media claimed to be the smartest man to hold the Presidency have less than 3% growth for his entire term.  Have progressives ignoring the crisis that they are facing.  Then let the media and and Hollywood insult and degrade them as the last safe, acceptable form of bigotry in the country.

Do that for eight years, then up the ante and do it again for another eight.  I would have guaranteed that at some point a NYT journalist would get on TV and say something about Middle America that is worse than “low sloping foreheads” and the NYT editorial staff would find itself stood up against a wall facing a firing squad of ex coal miners who have been unemployed and bankrupt for a decade.

Trump is a peaceful transition of power from the hands of the Progressive elite back to that of Middle America.  The Progressive elite needs to understand that this is the best option that could have happened.  The Sans-Culottes beheaded the French Monarchy.  The Bolsheviks shot the Romanovs.  Trust me, the Flyover rebellion would have drained the swam by dumping the bodies in the Potomac.

The election of Trump was a safe and lawful release of the pressure that had built up in Middle America.  Clamp that pressure relief shut and Progressives risk causing the whole thing to blow.

The Left needs to accept their loss and take their lumps.  If they are smart, they can use the limitations of the Constitution to restrict Trump from going to excess.

If they think they can stop him altogether and turn back this shift in America, they need to remember who owns the guns in America.

11 Replies to “Thank God for Trump”

  1. Exactly. Trump’s appeal was and is all that you say.

    A vast majority of his supporters in the primaries didn’t start out that way, but after a few months of media coverage on the campaign trail understood he was the only one of the 17 who had a chance to stop that next 8 years of progressive extremism. Most of us saw Rubio, Kasich and Jeb as more part of the problem than the solution to the Leftist takeover of America. Cruz, whose Conservative policies would have certainly slowed down the progressive out-of-control locomotive, lacked the requisite leadership skills to effective overcome the Left and its juggernaut of media, Hollywood, academic, government employee and Globalist support base. Only Trump could do what needs to be done.

    And don’t fall into the Left’s trap of labeling Trump a “populist.” They use that term only because it is associated with Hitler’s rise, yet the Left understands very little about what Hitler actually stood for and how and why he gained power in Weimer Germany in 1933. I could make a far better case of how Trump is the opposite of Hitler, whereas the Socialists of the time and the NAZIs built exactly the same societies as far as the people they governed were concerned. And the Left, now called Progressives, still yearns to build that Socialist state having learned nothing from history. So Trump speaking the truth about, a 2,500-page, deceitfully named NAFTA, and not wanting to enter into another 5,400-page, equally unfree such disastrous deal with the TPP is hardly Hitleresque.

    Trumps anti-PCism is also a reflection of him saying and doing what a vast swath (even a majority) of Americans feel is long overdue. Calling such common sense behavior that goes against obvious excess “populist” is intellectually lazy at best, and again, shows a deep ignorance of the “populism” that overtook Germany in the ’30s.


  2. You say that you do not like Trump because of the way he treated Rubio who is a decent man. Well, this is exactly the problem, as a decent man Rubio would have been crushed by the leftist fascists. Trump, on the other hand, treats them is the same way as he treated Rubio only worse. Exactly what is needed to drive them from the field on combat in total surrender.


  3. I dunno. You say Rubio is an extraordinarily decent man, but I have trouble squaring that with his “gang of eight” behavior, not to mention what sure looks to me like virtue signalling on Tillerson’s relationship with Putin and the Russians. Perhaps you’ve addressed the “gang of eight” episode earlier?


    1. Google “Chuck Schumer Marco Rubio”.

      “He was not only totally committed — he was in that room with us, four Democrats, four Republicans,” Schumer told CNN Thursday in an interview in his Senate office. “His fingerprints are all over that bill. It has a lot of Rubio imprints.”

      “He’s done a good job,” Schumer said. “He really has. And he’s taken a lot of arrows, but he believes in this, and he’s doing the right thing. I think the world of him.”

      Remember, if the Gang of 8 bill had passed, that’s 20 MILLION new amnestied citizens, over 80% would have voted Democrat (averaging out what the previous amnesty cohorts have voted). That’s a permanent Democratic lock on the Electoral College and the Congress as the red states and the battleground states turn blue. What happens to the Supreme Court then? What happens to your 2nd Amendment then?

      Anybody here think that if Marco Rubio would get on board with a Chuck Schumer plan to permanently wreck his own party and his own country, that he wouldn’t get on board with Chuck Schumer for anything else Schumer wanted?

      If that’s ‘decent’, give me the bastards any day over Chuck Schumer’s favorite republican.



    The president of the University of California system is more concerned about immigrants than she is about disadvantaged from her own state, let alone her own country.

    You never hear them talk about Fresno, Coalinga, Gustine, or any of the places that Victor Davis Hanson writes about. To hear her say it, we’re deplorable and they’re dreamers.


  5. Except you have the leadership of the Democratic Party telling their followers that it’s acceptable to “fight them in the streets”… They have already started to do so. 10 “protesters” beat up 4 Trump supporters leaving one unconscious. Then there were the 400+ masked and hooded “protesters” rioting and destroying private property during the inauguration. The left has already started the 2nd Civil War…The real question is, are we going to finish it?


  6. I don’t believe that these many protests and violent acts are fostered by principled leftists who just have not recognized the potential for a disastrous outcome. I believe that is their preferred result. They do not see Middle America as THEIR people and suffer no distress at seeing them displaced in their jobs or their political body. The ‘compassion’ of the Left extends only to the potential supporters that must come from outside America because the majority of people within America have already demonstrated to the Left, at the ballot box, that the Left’s vision is unAmerican.



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