But don’t call them Fake News.

At NRA’s urging, Florida Senate advances ‘gang members protection’ act.

Last week, a Florida Senate committee advanced an NRA-backed bill that one critic dubbed a “gang members protection” act, since it would make it harder for the state to convict killers and others who claim self-defense.

Right now, murder charges are handled the way most other criminal charges are handled. The state charges someone with murder. Then, at trial, the defendant is free to offer whatever defense he or she wants – whether it’s a claim of innocence, mental illness, self-defense or what have you.

This bill – Senate Bill 128 – would change that for anyone who claims they killed in self-defense. Instead, it would allow them to demand a pre-trial immunity hearing that would force the state to quickly prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the defendant is lying.

In other words: As long as you claim self-defense, you get another chance to have your case tossed.

Prosecutors have strongly objected.

Seminole County State Attorney Phil Archer told the judiciary committee that it would basically force prosecutors to prove guilt before they are ready for a full trial. It demands “an extraordinary standard of proof,” Archer said, noting that such a thing is required by “no other state in this country.”

At NRA’s urging, Florida Senate advances ‘gang members protection’ act. Orlando Sentinal.

The author of this excreta is Scott Maxwell. The bill in question is the extension of Stand Your Ground/Immunity from Prosecution which forces the state to present enough evidence to make a case for murder when the defendant is claiming self-defense.  But apparently for Mr. Maxwell, it will only apply to Gang Members and other assorted Criminal Element and not to the Florida Citizen who used Deadly Force for legitimate Self-Defense. Because we know damn well that the District Attorneys and the Police will NEVER charge anybody with murder unless they have it coming.

Now, you may or may not like a law or a person or even puppies, but as a professional of the news media (stop laughing) you should at least try to be somewhat accurate and truthful on the subject you are covering and not a rabble rousing liar who gets a paycheck from a dying media entity.

But Honor is a dead concept and why the fuck they should not lie to the public?

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  1. Scott Maxwell might have had integrity 10 years ago. But as the Orlando Slantinel became more progtard, good ole Scott-o apparently surrendered his soul to them and became just another minion among many.

    Main stream media is a dinosaur that keeps lying hoping to stay relevant. Newsflash you libtard “journalists:” Game. Over.



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