Outdated Guilty Pleasures

This was a topic of discussion in a f\Facebook page and I thought it would make an interesting post.

“What outdated or essentially useless pistol, shotgun or rifle would be a guilty pleasure to have in your collection?”

Something I learned is that although Movies and TV do influence our desire (nothing to do about real life taste) about guns, I am long gone betting as why a person may have a particular attraction for a specific firearm  and that goes double for Grail Guns and Obsoletes.  I will even acknowledge that if i were to ask the same people again next week, at least half of them would change their answer.

Here are some of the answers. If you are wondering, one of my “obsoletes” would be a LeMatt revolver, with the one pictured here being my official BBQ Gun.


Cobray’s Street Sweeper

Calico M-100

Nambu Type 94.

Spas 12

Chinese .45 ACP C96

Mac 10 (and variants)



.44 Automag

1895 Nagant revolver.

Mars pistol

M50 Reising



The only thing I can say is… Interesting selection!

8 Replies to “Outdated Guilty Pleasures”

  1. I dig the Reising. I wasn’t aware of them until I ran into a friend at the range a couple of months ago and he had one with him, which he let me shoot.

    Him: “I only have five rounds left in this mag. Go ahead and shoot ’em if you’d like, and watch it — it’ll rise pretty quickly!”
    Me: “Gotcha.”
    Me: (shoots ceiling with the last couple of rounds)


  2. I’ve handled a Reising (BURBLE!) and a BAR Monitor, though I’ve never shot one. Of the list above I’d have to pick the Mars just for the steampunk coolness of it all.


  3. MG42. P.08. 1919 Browning. M2. Sturmgewehr. PPS41-42. MP40. Thompson.

    Yea, you can see where my interest lies. Give me WWII era military, and I’m pretty much in. History buff.


  4. And I own a 19895 Nagant. Interesting but I can’t call it a good gun. It was a horrible design, even considering its era and purpose. And the WORST trigger ever.


  5. Fell in love with the Webley-Fosbury after reading ‘The Maltese Falcon’. Been in love with the idea ever since. An ‘automatic-revolver’. What could be more steampunk or cool than that?



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