Zero Tolerance for this kind of talk.

You have seen stuff like this and even nastier;

What makes this special? It was made by somebody who is in our side but it is not a fan of the NRA.

Listen, I understand that the NRA had its share of mistakes (not as many as other groups and people indicate) but going this far, actually saying you want to put NRA members up against a wall is the same cheap bullshit that the Opposition vomits. And it also makes you look like an idiot because you should know better than think NRA members will decide not to go gently into becoming targets. Specially me.

I made my displeasure know to the gentleman and it went to waste. Instead of manning up, he went with the “figure speech” excuse. Not good. You fucked up, admit it and we will carry on without rancor. Be a snowflake and you shall be branded asshole forever in my book.

Do I have issues with other Gun Rights organizations? Yes I do, but you will not see me saying an untoward word against them. Maybe in private among close friends and after several alcoholic beverages I might share my displeasure in a very measured way, but never in a public forum and never where the Opposition can use it against us.

Damn it, Miguel! You are being overly sensitive again!” Hell yes I am, specially when this is part of your ancestry:

Spanish Civil War
Cuban Revolution, Firing squad. Coup de Grace.

The photos above are not a “figure of speech” so you can look butch in Social Media.

Mind your effing mouth.

(PS: Dudley does not count as he is just a scammer)

4 Replies to “Zero Tolerance for this kind of talk.”

  1. The people I encounter online that are pro-gun but anti-NRA (like this idiot) are generally the types who’ve embraced a savage, atavistic view of how society and firearms should operate. The world they live in is one where any opposition to firearms in any shape or form is to be dealt in such a manner. They are literally the lunatic fringe. Almost all I’ve encountered are extremely angry anarchists who hate all law enforcement, no matter what, and see the NRA as being an impediment because they’ve been willing to endorse things such as NICS. It’s like they think that all disputes should be handled via blood feuds and shootouts by every person in the country. None of them are NRA members obviously, so their criticisms bear as much weight what the organization does as the criticisms of Moms Demand or CSGV. Quite frankly, the NRA doesn’t need them and they would be doing more of a disservice to gun rights if they were NRA members.


    1. I forgot to add, most of these people are incredibly lazy. Ask most of them what they are doing to further the cause of gun rights, and all you’ll get is angry bluster about how they dislike groups like the NRA. None of them write their legislators. None of them sign petitions. They will often excuse this laziness with the old fallback “I don’t want my name on a list”. Thought crime isn’t a thing yet, you’re just lazy. They’re also cheap. Gun groups need money, these people won’t open their wallets.

      Ok, rant over.


  2. My guess is theyre plants or the “I own a gun and support 2a but I think being on a secret list without due process should prevent someone from buying a gun” useful idiots



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